Non Residents who want to start a business in Ontario

Can I start a business in Ontario when I don’t have status in Canada?

Yes, you can operate a business in Ontario. The Province of Ontario offers the ability to operate a small business in Ontario without being required to be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident.
The small business can be registered as either a Sole Proprietorship (1 person) or a General Partnership (2 or more people) under the umbrella of the Master Business Licence.


Dissolving An Ontario Corporation

How To Dissolve An Ontario Corporation

In order to end the existence of a corporation in Ontario, it needs to be dissolved. Dissolution occurs when a corporation is terminated legally. To achieve dissolution, a Certificate of Dissolution needs to be issued by Corporations Canada.

Consent to Dissolve

Before you can dissolve your corporation ensure that it is up to date with its corporate tax filings. Your representative, in this case the company’s accountant or bookkeeper, will need to contact the Minister of Revenue to find out where you stand on all corporate tax filings. The Minister will inform your representative if everything is current. Then, you are free to request a consent letter that states that your company has been given the go-ahead to dissolve.


Dissolving A Federal Corporation

How To Dissolve A Federal Corporation

The act of ending the existence of a corporation is called dissolution. A Certificate of Dissolution will need to be issued by Corporations Canada. In order to legally dissolve a Federal corporation and receive your certificate, you will need to file Articles of Dissolution. Terminating a corporation’s existence is sometimes a necessary evil of doing business. The corporation’s operations may have run its course or provided all the services it possibly could under its current capacity. Whatever your reason, dissolving a Federal corporation is simple.

In order to dissolve your Federal corporation the following information is required: