business leadership - tradename registration

How to Register a Second Business?

If you currently operate a business, it would be either as an incorporated business or a Business Licence such as a Sole Proprietorship, General Partnership or Partnership.

When you own an incorporated company

If you own an incorporated company in any Province or Territory in Canada, you can complete a secondary business name under the corporation (corporate umbrella). This allows you to use a secondary business name to your corporate name. An example to assist is as follows:


Registering a Master Business Licence

A Master Business Licence registration is available in Ontario to individuals who wish to register a small business. The Master Business Licence is an overall business set up allowing for 3 specific options:

  • Sole Proprietorship (1 person)
  • General Partnership (2 or more individuals)
  • Tradename (doing business as name under an existing corporation)

The Master Business Licence offers a terrific opportunity for those in Ontario to register a business at a nominal fee but along with the low cost of registering, comes the limited availability of what this set up offers to those who register.