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How to Incorporate in Manitoba

If you have been interested in incorporating in Manitoba, Ontario Business Central offers assistance through this process. The details below provide a general overview of what is required and common questions asked when incorporating. Incorporating in Manitoba offers the availability to submit the Name Reservation and Articles of Incorporation online, however upon completion; the documentation is sent out by mail.


Fraude hypothécaire : courez-vous des risques?

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Du fait de la hausse des taux d’intérêt et des nouvelles simulations de crise imposées par le gouvernement fédéral, il est plus difficile pour les Canadiens et Canadiennes, par rapport à l’an dernier, d’économiser pour constituer un paiement initial ou d’être admissibles à un emprunt hypothécaire. Cela pourrait stimuler la fraude hypothécaire. Une récente étude d’Equifax Canada révèle que le nombre de fraudes hypothécaires a augmenté de 52 p. 100 depuis 2013, et que 67 p. 100 du total des demandes d’hypothèques frauduleuses au Canada provenaient de l’Ontario. De plus, les acheteurs ne sont pas les seuls à commettre des fraudes relatives aux hypothèques. Les professionnels qui interviennent dans le processus d’achat résidentiel peuvent profiter de l’anxiété des acheteurs.


blogging for your business

Does Your Small Business Need a Blog?

When you first start out as a business owner, there are a seemingly infinite number of things you need to take care of. Between registration paperwork, setting up your website, hiring people and, oh yeah, trying to make some money, things can pile up pretty quickly. So, if someone comes along and says you also need to have a blog, it’s easy to dismiss them as someone just trying to make your job harder.

Well, that’s not quite true. They’re actually trying to make your business better. The reality is that as a small business, a blog can be a very valuable tool to help you connect with customers and to grow. To give you a better idea as to why you need a blog, consider the following:


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A Drunken Haze: The Problem with Mixing Booze and Pot

The Canadian government is trying to prepare the country for when it legalizes marijuana. While a regulatory framework is still in progress, the distribution of marijuana has been a highly discussed topic.

The most likely result is that the Federal government will be controlling the marijuana supply with provinces left to deal with distribution. Among the different possible distribution concepts, Ontario has been leaning heavily on the idea of distributing recreational marijuana through the LCBO.

Though it seems to be a  common choice as a distribution model for a controlled substance, there are a few  things to consider.


Questions To Ask The Experts Before Starting A Business

You’re business savvy. You work hard and you’ve made the decision to start your own business. You know you’ve got what it takes. Successful people who have gone before you would be able to give you some really good advice. Here are some questions you might want to pose to successful entrepreneurs prior to getting started.

What To Ask Before Starting A Business

Should I incorporate?

That depends on some questions you should honestly ask yourself:

  • What kind of personal tax incentives are there if I incorporate?
  • Am I thinking this will be what I want to do for the long haul?
  • Am I going to be the only owner or will I have investors and/or partners?
  • What are the business advantages of incorporating?
  • Are there any issues surrounding liabilities such as product or credit liability?
  • Incorporating costs money: Is it worth it in the long run?


A Helpful Checklist For Starting A Business

You can feel the entrepreneurial spirit coursing through your veins. You want to be your own boss, set your own hours and play by your own rules. Here are some tips that may be a starting point for you when you’re mapping out your plan to become your own boss.

Checklist For Your New Business

Come up with a business plan

Don’t try to fly by the seat of your pants when it comes to business ventures, especially your own. When sitting down to write a business plan, there are some things to take into consideration:


Is It Possible To Start A Business In Canada While On Work Permit?

Canada is a great place to live, work and play. If you’re here on a work permit and have thought about staying in the country, starting your own venture might be in the cards. However, there are some things you should know before working towards that goal. You want to make sure you’re not moving in the wrong direction.

Starting A Business In Canada While On A Work Permit

Work permits in Canada are issued for specific jobs with a specific employer for a set time. Starting your own business here while on a work permit would be breaking the law since you’d be violating the terms of your work permit.