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Cancel Registered Business

Learning how to properly cancel a registered business can save you hassles down the road. There are many things to be aware of that we can help you navigate.

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Closing A Business

Whether your business is no longer in operation, you’re changing to an incorporated company or for any other necessary reason, you may wish to cancel a business registration the process to do this is...
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Cancelling a Master Business Licence

There are a number of different reasons why a business owner may choose to cancel their current Master Business Licence, including if they are choosing to incorporate their business, operate under a different name,...
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How Do I Cancel My Business?

If you are no longer operating your business, it is important to finalize the end of the business operation by either cancelling your Sole Proprietorship, General Partnership, Tradename or Incorporation with the Province. Until...
Difference Between Cancel And Dissolution

What’s the Difference Between Cancellation And Dissolution?

Business owners may choose close their businesses for a variety of reasons. Changes in the marketplace, new business opportunities, and other factors cause business owners to choose to cancel and dissolve their companies. You might...
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Should I cancel my business?

We often receive phone calls from clients on whether they should cancel their Master Business Licence or Incorporated company if the business is no longer active. We recommend you do for a variety of reasons. Public...
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Cancelling Your Master Business Licence

When do people cancel their business (Sole Proprietorship, General Partnership, or Tradename under an existing Corporation)? Business is no longer in operations Changing business to an Incorporated company Wish to operate under a different business name Change from...

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