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Starting a Business in Ontario

Non Residents who want to start a business in Ontario

Can I start a business in Ontario when I don’t have status in Canada? Yes, you can operate a business in Ontario. The Province of Ontario offers the ability to operate a small business in...
sole proprietorship businesswoman at work

What Is A Sole Proprietorship?

A Sole Proprietorship is under the classification of setting up a business known as Master Business Licences. The Sole Proprietorship specifically is designed for the single business owner. This establishes a small business with...
new businesswoman owner at cafe

Registering Your Master Business Licence

Ontario Business Central has been assisting individuals to register their business for over 20 years. From speaking with the consumers, we have compiled commonly asked questions about how to register and what the process...
business registration vs company incorporation

Master Business Licence Vs Incorporating

One of the most frequently asked questions of new entrepreneurs is 'What the difference is between a Master Business Licence and an Incorporated company?'. Starting a new business can be an overwhelming endeavour, but...

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