changing business address

Changing Your Business Address In Ontario

There are different reasons why a business may need to move addresses throughout its time in operation. Perhaps you run a small business from home and are moving to a new home, you are...
small business owners in shop

Renew Your Ontario Master Business Licence To Keep It Active

Many small business owners are completely unaware of the fact that their Master Business Licence expires  every 5 years. If the Master Business Licence is not renewed, the registration will automatically expire. The Master...
corporate changes

Can the Articles of Incorporation in Ontario be changed?

One of the most important items provided with incorporating a business and having Articles of Incorporation is that any and all of the information provided within the original incorporation can be changed.
sole proprietorship to incorporated company

Changing a Sole Proprietorship to an Incorporated Company

When a company begins growing, many business owners start wondering how they can switch their Sole Proprietorship into an Incorporated company. If you’re looking to incorporate, congratulations on expanding your business to the point...
Why You Should Register a Trade Name Under Your Existing Corporation

Why You Should Register a Trade Name Under Your Existing Corporation

If you have a corporation that is already in existence, but you are looking to operate under a different business name, you may wish to look at registering a Trade Name, also known as...
Updating Your Business Activity

How to Change Your Business Activity

As a small business owner or self-employed individual, you may decide to make changes to your services. This will require you to make file a change in your business activity. The following will help you...
small business change to incorporated company

Changing Your Small Business to an Incorporated Company

How to make the change from a small business to an incorporated company? If you currently own a Sole Proprietorship or General Partnership and are looking to incorporate your business, here is some information to...

What are Supplementary Letters Patent?

Supplementary Letters Patent are documents specific to making changes to an existing Not for Profit or Charitable corporation in Ontario. These are the reasons why individuals file Supplementary Letters Patent Change the corporate name of the...
adding a business partner

Considerations For Taking on a Business Partner

When you are looking at starting a business often people come together and believe that being in a partnership position provides strength to the business. A business partnership is the closest relationship to a...
change name of canadian corporation

How to Change the Name of Your Corporation in Canada

There are instances where the original name of a corporation no longer accurately reflects the business as it currently exists. Perhaps new products or services have been added, or it could be that the...

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