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continuance into Ontario

Continuance into Ontario

If you have an existing corporation in a Province or Territory within Canada but outside of Ontario and you wish to move your corporation into the Province of Ontario, the Articles of Continuance are...
corporate name change meeting

How to change the name of a corporation in Canada

If you have an existing Federal or Canada corporation and have decided to change the name of the corporation, the process to do this is fairly simple to complete. What do I need to do...
Deciding on corporate name changes

How to Change the Name of a Corporation in Ontario

If you have an existing corporation and have decided to change the name of the corporation, the process to do this is fairly simple to complete. What do I need to do to change the...
moving your business

Are You Moving Your Business?

There are so many things to be done when you are moving your business location including improvements to the new space, phone lines, notifying both suppliers and clients of the new address, new office...
adding a business partner

Considerations For Taking on a Business Partner

When you are looking at starting a business often people come together and believe that being in a partnership position provides strength to the business. A business partnership is the closest relationship to a...
Updating Your Business Activity

How to Change Your Business Activity

As a small business owner or self-employed individual, you may decide to make changes to your services. This will require you to make file a change in your business activity. The following will help you...
corporate changes

Can the Articles of Incorporation in Ontario be changed?

One of the most important items provided with incorporating a business and having Articles of Incorporation is that any and all of the information provided within the original incorporation can be changed.
Remove or Add a Business Partner

What You Need To Know About Removing Or Adding A Business Partner

Changes in business structure are expected in today’s marketplace. In some cases, a company may add or remove a business partner. This requires a few key steps to ensure a smooth transition.The following is...
Change A Business Address

How To Make Incorporated Company Changes In Ontario

Making incorporated changes in Ontario is an easy, quick and hassle free process with the help of Ontario Business Central. Our convenient location to the Ministry of Government Services means we can make same...
change business location

When Do I Need To Notify The Government Of Any Change To My Corporation...

It is important to notify the Provincial or Federal government of any change you make to your existing business. As a rule, as soon as the change within your company is made, it is best to notify the Provincial or Federal Government within the jurisdiction you incorporated on the day of the change.

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