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Ontario Corporation Search

Completing a corporation search in Ontario provides the most detailed, current information on an existing corporation. The information provided in the search results is as follows Correct legal name of the business Business address The mailing address for...
search existing business ownership

How to find out who owns a business?

When a business is either registered or incorporated anywhere in Canada, a public databank is maintained within each Province across Canada with specific details for each business including who owns the business, correct legal...
search an existing business name

How can I search my business name against existing businesses?

If you incorporated a business, it is mandatory in every Province and Territory to provide or gain documented support that the business name you have chosen is available. In Provinces such as British Columbia,...
business search

How Do I Search An Existing Business?

If you wish to search an existing business anywhere within Canada, you can obtain a corporate profile report for the business within the jurisdiction is has been incorporated or registered within. The information that is...
signing articles incorporation

What are Articles of Incorporation?

What are Articles of Incorporation?  The Articles of Incorporation are a legal document submitted to Provincial, Territorial or federal government within Canada which establishes a business within Canada. This formation of a business structure is...
corporate history

Searching The History Of An Ontario Corporation

If you wish to obtain the full history of an Ontario corporation, here are the steps to take to complete the history of the corporation from the Articles of Incorporation to today's date.  Step 1 Obtain...
Copy Of Articles of Incorporation

How To Get A Copy Of My Ontario Articles Of Incorporation

The Articles of Incorporation are the legal document that creates a limited liability business within Ontario. Overtime, whether there are changes to the business such as directors, addresses, share structure, the original Articles of Incorporation...
certificate of status

Obtaining A Certificate Of Status/Good Standing/Compliance Within Canada

This certificate is known by three different variations depending on the jurisdiction which it is ordered. Certificate of Status is the most commonly used name but both the Certificate of Good Standing and Certificate...
business search

How To Search An Existing Business Within Canada

When a business is incorporated, registered or trademarked within any jurisdiction within Canada, the government within that jurisdiction maintains a public record of the business which is accessible to anyone who wishes to obtain details of...

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