What is a PPSA Search

What is a PPSA Search?

PPSA or Personal Property Security Act is a databank which contains certain loan or lien information regarding individuals or corporations. For example, if an individual takes a loan on a vehicle that has either been...
corporation search

Ontario Corporation Search

Completing a corporation search in Ontario provides the most detailed, current information on an existing corporation. The information provided in the search results is as follows Correct legal name of the business Business address The mailing address for...
not for profit business owner

How to Obtain a Copy of a Not For Profit Company in Ontario

We often have clients call, who started their Not For Profit incorporated business a number of years ago. And, after the organization has been passed many times over by many individuals, the original Letters...
certificate of status

Obtaining A Certificate Of Status/Good Standing/Compliance Within Canada

This certificate is known by three different variations depending on the jurisdiction which it is ordered. Certificate of Status is the most commonly used name but both the Certificate of Good Standing and Certificate...
obtaining a corporate profile report

Obtaining an Ontario Profile Report for a Corporation Has Never Been Easier!

An Ontario Profile Report provides the most current information on file for an Ontario corporation. The information contained in the report is all public information for a corporation and includes: Legal name of the business...

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