Ontario or Federal Corporation Address Change

This filing service specifically changes either an Ontario Incorporation, either profit or non-profit corporations or Federal Incorporation, either profit or non-profit.

If you currently have a master business licence or registered business, this is not the correct filing form. You can register your change to your registered business by going to this page /forms/business-registration-amendment.php

Ontario Corporation

When you change your existing corporation, you must update the corporate record to reflect the change or changes with the corporate registry.

In Ontario, it is mandatory to update the corporate record within 15 days of the change. If the record is not updated, you may miss important and sometimes legal correspondence.

What can be updated?
All information related to the corporation, excluding corporate name changes, structure changes such as classes of shares and the minimum and the maximum number of directors for the corporation. The full listing of available changes is listed below.

Federal Corporation

Anytime you change with a federal incorporation, it is important to update your corporate record with the federal government. If the federal corporation is also listed within any Provincial record, this record is required to be updated. The jurisdictions do not provide any updates to each other.

Federal Annual Return
Every federal corporation is required to file an Annual Return each year whether there is a change to the corporation or not. The federal government is strict about corporations adhering to this policy. If a corporation lapses in filing for 2 years, the federal government automatically cancels the corporation with only one emailed notification for default.

Both Federal and Ontario Corporations

How is the updated information implemented?
Both the Ontario and Federal governments have online access to make changes. To file electronically, you either have an account or key with the government to implement the changes.

What happens to the previous record of information?
The historic address or details of the corporation remains by searching historical or archived information on the corporation. By completing a change, in doing so, the previous information doesn't disappear.

How long does it take to process?
The processing time is usually the same business day with an email confirmation once the file has been updated.

Is this a legal document?
Yes, you can use the form with your financial institution, CRA and any other third party.

Do the Articles of Incorporation change?
The Articles of Incorporation, whether Ontario or Federal, remain unchanged throughout the lifetime of the corporation. Each change you submit is a secondary filing to the original Articles of Incorporation.

This form is used for existing Ontario or Federal corporations (named or numbered) that will be making the following changes:

  • Corporate Address Change/Registered Office
  • Mailing address change for the corporation
  • Directors/officers address change
  • Add a new director (legal name, address and citizenship required)
  • Remove current director
  • Modify/change a current directors/officers address or position

Please Note:
If you wish to make the following changes:

  • Change corporate name
  • Change corporate structure
  • Change minimum and maximum number of directors

These changes are completed through a different form. To complete one of these changes, please complete the corporate amendment form.

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