Ontario or Federal Corporate Amendment


Amend an Ontario Corporation   Amend a Federal / Canadian Corporation


Articles of Amendment are used for two basic purposes, either to change the name or structure of an existing corporation.

If you are filing Articles of Amendment in Ontario, the process is manual, meaning the physical Articles are to be provided to the examiner with the provincial government for filing. When we complete the Articles of Amendment for an Ontario incorporation, we send the Articles to you for signature via email and then require you to send them to our office in downtown Toronto for filing.

When completing the Articles of Amendment for a Federal Incorporation everything is done electronically and no original signature is required by a director of the corporation.

For changes to either an Ontario or Federal corporation, the name of a current director is required to authorize the changes to the existing corporation.

The time frame for us to complete the Articles for you is 24-48 hours. This does not include the manual time for the Ontario Articles of Amendment to be delivered to us and filed with the Provincial government. Usually, the day we receive the Articles of Amendment from you, we are able to submit and have the completed Articles returned to us.

Once the changes have been completed and you have received your completed Articles of Amendment from us, it is adviseable to notify your bank, revenue Canada etc. of the changes made to your original incorporation. If you are changing the name of the corporation, you will need to provide the new name on cheques/signage/business cards etc.

You may start filing the Articles of Amendment and continue through the process to get an idea of what information will be required from you. Your order won' t be submitted or processed unless you fill in the payment details at the very end, so you are not committed to finalizing your order until you are ready.

We accept payment by either Visa or Mastercard.

Thank you for the opportunity to do business with you.

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