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Registering your startup has never been easier. Simply choose whether you wish to register or incorporate your business, fill in the easy online application and make your dream a reality!

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With the help of Ontario Business Central, incorporating a numbered or named company is fast, easy and affordable. Over 190,000 business owners have entrusted us to help get their businesses up and running. It only takes a few simple steps to complete your incorporation, with most jurisdictions completed on a same-day basis.

Register/Renew a Business

Each and every month, we assist hundreds of new start-ups to launch or renew their small business. We assist to register in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan for Sole Proprietorship (1 person), General Partnership (2 or more persons) or Tradename (operating name under a Corporation).

Sole Proprietorship

A Sole Proprietorship is a single business owner/operator. There is no name protection for the business and the registration is tied to you personally for both liability and taxation.

General Partnership

A General Partnership is designed for 2 or more individual or corporate partners. There is no name protection for the business and the registration is tied to all owners for the liability and taxation.

Tradename Under a Corporation

A tradename also known as DBA, doing business as, operating as or carrying on business name. The tradename is specifically designed to allow the corporation a secondary business name.

Ontario Business Central has been a registered member of the Nuans system through Industry Canada since 1992.

NUANS Name Search

The Nuans report is required to incorporate in most jurisdictions in Canada. It is a 6 page report that provides a listing of similar businesses, corporations and trademarks to your proposed name.

Pre-search NUANS

The Nuans pre-search is a useful tool. This enables you to search up to 3 business names for availability within the Nuans pre-search databank.

Simply choose your type of business, review the change list and a few clicks is all it takes to update your business information, including address updates, director modifications and other changes to your business.

Incorporated Company Changes

An Incorporated company gives you the ability to change the business, mailing or directors addresses, add or remove directors, and complete any of these changes all in one filing.

Ontario Registered Business Changes

A registered business allows you to change the business, mailing or owners address, modify the business activity and add or remove partners from a General Partnership. Any of these changes can be made in one amendment all at the same time

We are here to help you close your business with only a few clicks, making the process simple and easy.

Incorporated Company

One of the most important elements in winding down your existing corporation is to file Articles of Dissolution for your corporation. We take you step by step through the process.

Ontario Registered Business

To proceed with the cancellation of your business registration, we simply need the details of your original registration. It only takes a few minutes to fill in our online application.

Searching any business in Canada has never been easier. Simply provide the name of the business you wish to search, the reports you wish to order and we will provide search results by email in PDF form.

Profile Report, Certificate of Status & Copy of Articles

A corporate search/profile report provides the active information on the public record for a corporation. This includes head office address, directors/officers listed for the corporation. It may include historical information.
This certificate of Status is a 1 page document that confirms the status of the Corporation. It is only available from the home jurisdiction of the corporation. This report has different names in different jurisdictions.
The copy of Articles provides the original Articles of Incorporation and Articles of Amendment documents. It DOES NOT provide a current record.

Full Search

At Ontario Business Central we offer a variety of Corporate Searches. Selecting full search gives you the ability to order any of the standard searches such as a Profile Report, Certificate of Status or a copy of the Articles of Incorporation and also allows you to complete many other searches such as Document Replica for registered businesses, PPSA, Bankruptcy, Bankact (S427), Official Receiver, and litigation courthouse searches.

Each year the number of new immigrants coming to Canada who want to start their business here is exponential. We would love to help you get your startup or existing business registered here in Canada.


  • New and Non Residents who want to Incorporate on their own can Incorporate in British Columbia.
  • With 25% Canadian ownership, you can incorporate anywhere.
  • Bring your existing Corporation Into Canada
  • Bring your existing Canadian Incorporation into Ontario.

Register/Renew a Business

Register a new business in any many Provinces within Canada as the sole owner or within a partnership. There is no Canadian residence required to complete. Register in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Ontario Business Central has been assisting individuals looking to establish a Not for Profit or Charitable organization since 1992.

Not For Profit
Ontario Not For Profit / Charitable

Registering your Ontario NFP or Charitable organization has never been easier. There are two timeframe options (Standard 8-12 weeks and Expedited 7 business days) with numerous commonly used object clause examples for your use.

Federal Not For Profit / Charitable

A Federal NFP or Charitable incorporation provides the best name protection available in Canada. The timeframe for completion is faster than Ontario, is filed electronically and usually takes 2-5 business days.The Federal government does not provide examples of templates for you to use, except for charitable organizations.

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