Online Extra Provincial Licence Registration

Extra Provincial Licence

(existing corp outside of Canada)
from $149.99 plus fees

An Extra Provincial Licence (EPL) is available to foreign corporations (outside of Canada) that wish to obtain a business presence within the Province of Ontario.  This is required when a physical address is/has been established by the foreign corporation within the Ontario Jurisdiction.

The filing does not require the directors of the foreign corporation to be Canadian citizens or permanent residents.  An individual is required to be an 'Agent For Service'.  This individual is required to be an individual who resides in Ontario and is 18 years or older or has a separate Ontario corporation.
Once the filing is completed, you may operate the Ontario corporation, open a bank account, obtain cheques, apply for HST etc.

What is required from you:

  1. Exact matching business name to foreign corporation
  2. Jurisdiction of foreign corporation
  3. Address of foreign corporation
  4. Ontario address for corporation
  5. Chief Officer or manager (optional)
  6. Business activity of corporation within Ontario
  7. Director/officer name and signature
  8. Certificate of Status/compliance/good standing (available thru the corporate division of your state government)
  9. Agent for service in Ontario - name/Ontario address/signature or corporation/Ontario address/signature

What does Ontario Business Central provide?

  • Preparation of Extra Provincial Licence documents according to your details
  • Ontario Nuans report (7 page report listing any similar business name)
  • Manual filing of the Documents with the Province of Ontario
  • Communications with the Provincial examiner regarding your filing.
  • Completion of filing email/mailing of documents
  • Prepare and file the agent for service
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Included with each domain name:

  • Domain name for 1-5 years
  • Contact Privacy (non disclosure under Who Is)
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Domain Lock to protect from unauthorized domain transfers

.CA Domain Registration ( Registrant must be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada ?

.COM Domain Registration ( No requirement for citizenship needed ?

Domain Type
Length of Term

ADD A TRADENAME Under Your New Incorporation



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Shipping & Set Fees

Email Notifications
Manual Filing With the Province of Ontario
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