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Dissolve a Federal Corporation in Minutes

Federal Articles of Dissolution

Same Day Processing if ordered between 9am - 5pm EST Mon - Fri (excluding holidays)

Includes preparation, draft acceptance by client, filing and completing Articles of Dissolution with federal government.

(Copy of Articles of Incorporation required)
Includes removal or ceasing of the federal corporation with the Province of Ontario.

Includes correspondence with client and federal government. All correspondence completed by email communication.

Terminating a corporation's existence is sometimes a necessary evil of doing business. In order to legally dissolve a Federal corporation and receive a Certificate of Dissolution, you will need to file Articles of Dissolution. Ontario Business Central is able to file Articles of Dissolution quickly and easily on your behalf. Once completed, you can notify the Canada Revenue Agency, Financial Institutions, suppliers and clients that the corporation has terminated its existence.

What is Required to Dissolve a Federal Corporation?

  • Corporation Name
  • Corporate Number
  • Corporation Key
  • Date of Dissolution (Can be same day or future dated)
  • Name of Individual or Agent Authorizing the Dissolution
  • Confirmation That The Company Is Not Insolvent/Bankrupt
  • Confirmation That Corporation Has No Property or Liabilities
  • Confirmation That Shareholders Have Approved Dissolution
  • Ceasing Ontario Operations (Optional)
Dissolution Checklist


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Do My Corporate Taxes Need to Be Filed Before Dissolving?

No, if you haven’t filed or paid the corporate tax for the most recent year, you can complete the articles of dissolution and file the tax return subsequently.

If you have historic years that you haven’t filed the corporate tax return for or you have remaining money owing , it is best to reach out to CRA before filing.

Do I Need Shareholder Approval Before Filing Articles of Dissolution?

The corporation’s shareholders will need to approve the dissolution. This is done by special resolution. If there is more than one class/group of shareholders each must provide their own authorization to allow for the dissolution. If the corporation has no shareholders, the director(s) are able to pass the resolution to dissolve on their own. You do not need to submit copies of the special resolutions when you file to dissolve your federal corporation but you must keep the records just in case.


Steps of the Dissolution Process

step 1

Ordering Page

  • Choose if you will also be ceasing Ontario operations
  • Our admin fee is included in the cost
  • Proceed to the next step
step 2

Provide Dissolution Details

  • Provide the name, corporation number and date of incorporation along with your corporate key
  • Agree to the certifying statements
  • Enter the name and address of the director authorizing the dissolution
  • Choose a date for the dissolution to take place
  • Enter the authorizer name and details
  • Upload or e-mail your Articles of Incorporation
  • If ceasing Ontario operations, provide the details
step 3

Payment Information

  • Provide the credit card holders details. The credit card is not required to be from the same individual filling out the form
  • Enter Billing & Contact Information
  • Enter the credit card details
  • Click that you are not a robot and press to complete order


That's It! We Make Dissolutions as Easy as 1 2 3!

What our clients say about us

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Jessica Lim -Testimonials - Ontario Business Central

Jessica Lim

1 year ago

Used this service to help dissolve my corporation because the government websites were so confusing and I was unclear on the process. This company was so helpful answering my questions when I called and processing evedrything in perfect timing.

Stephan Straw -Testimonials - Ontario Business Central

Stephan Straw

1 year ago

My organization was faced dissolving our corporation and OBC made the whole process simpler and easier! They have a terrific website, easy to complete forms and loads of helpful content.


Gazelle Ghajar

6 months ago

Awesome company to work with. Website is easy to navigate into finding what you need, online forms are simple to fill in, and the request was processed and confirmed within the afternoon! Very impressed with their service and will be using again for my husband's business come January.



Federal Dissolution Learning Centre

How Much Does it Cost to File Articles of Dissolution? +

The Articles of Dissolution cost $272.40 in total. The fee is made up of $149.00 for our fee of preparing the form filing and gaining approval from you to proceed. There is a $39.99 fee for the submission filing and $25.00 government fee.

What is the Processing Time? +

The Articles of Dissolution can no longer be completed and filed in person at a provincial government filing office. The processing time with Ontario Business Central is 3 to 7 business days. To file manually yourself, the process can take 15 business days or longer.

Is a Company Key Required? +

If you file with Ontario Business Central, a company key is not required for any corporation registered before October 19, 2021, unless a key was specifically requested. We, as an intermediary with the Province of Ontario are able to by-pass this requirement for corporations that do not have a key.

If filing directly with the Province yourself, the Company Key is required. You can request a Company Key with the Province directly and the key will be mailed to the registered head office address of the corporation. The corporate address must be up-to-date. If it is not, a Notice of Change is required first to update the address prior to requesting the Company Key.

What Do I Do After Dissolving? +

When you have ceased operations and filed for Articles of Dissolution you can notify Revenue Canada, the institutions you bank with, tax accounts, clients and anyone else associated with your corporation to let them know that you are no longer in business. Should you reverse your decision and decide that you do not want to dissolve the corporation even after Articles of Dissolution have been filed, you can revive it.


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