Dissolve a Federal Incorporation


Articles of Dissolution are filed typically when a corporation is no longer in business and puts an end date to its activity. Once filed, you can notify Revenue Canada, banking institutions, any other tax accounts, clients, etc., that the corporation has terminated its existence.

Ontario Business Central provides the following:

  • Preparation of the Articles of Dissolution according to your instructions
  • Articles provided to you in ‘draft’ for your review, acceptance and signature prior to submission with the Federal government
  • 24 hour turnaround time for completion of articles once ‘draft’ is accepted

What is required:

  • Corporate name or numbered corporate name
  • Confirmation the corporation is not insolvent/bankrupt, has no property and no liabilities and the shareholders have approved the dissolution
  • Name, address, signature and phone number of current director authorizing dissolution
  • Date of dissolution (can be dated sameday or date in future)
  • Submission can be completed by director or third party with knowledge of transaction

Optional item:

  • Ceasing Ontario Operations - Cease the Ontario corporate file as part of the completion of the Federal dissolution. This is only required for those Federal corporations that have an Ontario corporate number registered with the Province of Ontario. This is typically done when a Federal corporation has a physical address for the corporation in Ontario.

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Federal Articles of Dissolution

Same Day Processing if ordered between 9am - 5pm EST Mon - Fri (excluding holidays)

Includes preparation, draft acceptance by client, filing and completing Articles of Dissolution with federal government.

(Copy of Articles of Incorporation required)
Includes removal or ceasing of the federal corporation with the Province of Ontario.

Includes correspondence with client and federal government. All correspondence completed by email communication.


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