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Note: This Form is used for existing Ontario corporations to change the corporate name, structure or number of directors.

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Ontario Business Central has been assisting business owners to make changes to their existing corporations through the Ontario Articles of Amendment for over 25 years.

Is a Company Key Required?

If you file with Ontario Business Central, a company key is not required for any corporation registered before October 19, 2021, unless a key was specifically requested. We, as an intermediary with the Province of Ontario are able to by-pass this requirement for corporations that do not have a key.

If filing directly with the Province yourself, the Company Key is required. You can request a Company Key with the Province directly and the key will be mailed to the registered head office address of the corporation. The corporate address must be up-to-date. If it is not, a Notice of Change is required first to update the address prior to requesting the Company Key.

Ontario Articles of Amendment are available for three specific changes to an existing corporation:

  1. Change the name of an existing corporation.

    Changing the name from ABC Holdings Inc. to DEF Restaurant LTD.
    Changing the name from ABC Holdings Inc. to 1234567 ONTARIO INC.

  2. A new structure of an existing corporation.

    To change the share structure from Unlimited Common Shares to Class A, B, and C Common Shares.

  3. Change minimum or maximum number of directors.

    To change from a Minimum of 1, Maximum of 1 to a Minimum of 1, Maximum of 10.

Get further information on Amending a corporation.

  • You have the ability to change a company name, or structure quickly and easily by following the instructions below.
  • Our online ordering application will take 2-5 minutes to fill in providing the details for the change to your corporation.
  • Our staff will provide email and phone support through the completion of this corporate filing.