Corporate searches of existing businesses across Canada

We offer the ability to search existing corporations and businesses across Canada for Corporate Searches or Certificates of Status/Compliance/Good Standing, and Articles of Incorporation. We also offer due diligence searches such as bankruptcy, PPSA, bankact and litigation services.

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Corporate Searches Across Canada

Provides head office address, individual(s) listed for businesses, addresses; may provide business activity.

Certificate confirming if a corporation is active.

Searches For Ontario Corporations Only

(8-10 business day turnaround due to Ministry software upgrades causing a backlog)
Also include:

Same as profile report above but for specific date other than present
(Exclusive to Ontario) - Provides any tradenames under existing corporation

Searches For Ontario Small Businesses (not incorporated)

(Master Business Licence) - Provides very similar information to the Profile Report but for small business. If you are litigating or need a copy of the Master Business Licence for your bank, it is advisable to order a certified copy of this document.

Due Diligence Searches Across Canada

These additional searches offer you more information about the corporation including its financial position, liability it holds, and whether it is involved in litigation.

The PPSA Search provides details of any current motor vehicles, equipment, inventory or consumer goods debt held by the corporation.
This provides a certificate to confirm if a financial institution has first priority on any debt including goods and equipment.
A federal databank search to obtain a certificate of whether a bankruptcy has or has not been filed against a corporation. We highly recommend if the corporation is in Ontario that a bankruptcy search be included.

Due Diligence Searches For Ontario Only

A manual search is conducted at the courthouse within the jurisdiction of the corporation to view if a bankruptcy filing has taken place within Ontario.

Litigation Searches

13% Tax


Corporate Search

The corporate search offers current details for the corporation/small business including confirmation of whether the business is a corporation or small business, legal address, current directors/principals, how long the business has been established, if active and may additionally provide the business activity.”

This is requested for a variety of reasons including:

Certificate of Status / Status Certificate / Certificate of Compliance

The certificate of Status or Compliance is typically a one page certificate that verifies if a corporation is active or inactive on the date of request. This certificate is only available for incorporated companies.

This is requested for a variety of reasons including:

Articles of Incorporation (Ontario)

The Articles of Incorporation are the original corporate documents when you have set up an Ontario incorporated company.

Each corporation within Ontario has its own microfiche record of the Articles of Incorporation. The microfiche for any Ontario incorporation can be retrieved from the Provincial databank within 3 to 5 business days of request. The corporate microfiche not only maintains the Articles of Incorporation but any other article filings for the corporation such as Articles of Amendment, Articles of Revival, and Articles of Dissolution. The microfiche also maintains any notices of change filed on behalf of the corporation with updates to addresses, directors, officers of the corporation prior to 1995. The Articles of Incorporation are requested mostly when the owners of the business have misplaced their original copy of the documents.

Point in Time Report

The Point in Time report provide the details of the corporation including the head office address, directors and officers names and addresses at a specific timeframe. Often this report is requested when an individual wants to see historically who owned and operated a corporation.

Document List

From June 1992, a document List provides a listing of the corporate records overall filed on behalf of the corporation. This document will show any and all articles filed, any Notices of Change updating the address, directors or officers of the corporation and any notices of default provided by either the federal or Provincial governments.

Business Names List

The Business Names List provides the name and BIN number of any current Master Business Licences (operating names) currently held by a corporation.

Document Replica

The Document Replica is requested to obtain a replacement copy of a current Master Business Licence in Ontario whether the registration is a Sole Proprietorship, General Partnership or Tradename.

BNLP Document list

The BNLP Document List provides all filings attached to a specific Master Business Licence including the registration, any changes, renewals or cancellations.

Business Names Report

The Business Names Report provides details of a current Master Business Licence including business address, owners, owners address, the date of registration and business activity.

Due Diligence

PPSA Search

The PPSA (Personal Property Securities Act) search allows you to search an individual or corporation for any current loans under motor vehicles, equipment, inventory or consumer goods.

Bank Act Certificate (Section 427)

The Bank Act Certificate provides if any financial institution in Canada has first priority on any debt owing including goods and equipment.

Official Receiver (OR Search)

The Official Receiver is a databank held by the Registrar General of Canada and maintains a databank of bankruptcy filings of either an individual or a corporation. The certificate will either provide details or the bankruptcy or confirm there are no bankruptcies listed.

Bankruptcy Search (Ontario)

The Bankruptcy Search is a manual search conducted at the local courthouse to the individual or corporation being searched. This will indicate of an individual or corporation has been petitioned into bankruptcy within Ontario.

Litigation Searches

The Litigation Searches are available to search within the local courthouse for either an individual or corporation to see if there are litigations files listed. Often the litigation searches are ordered to see if an individual or corporation has had issues with previous lenders and creditors.

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