Bring A Corporation into Ontario

The Initial Notice and Notice of Change are the same form. The difference between the two is whether it is a first time filing (Initial Notice) or subsequent filing (Notice of Change).

When you have an existing corporation outside of the Province of Ontario and you are setting up a physical business location within Ontario, you are required to file the Form 2 within 60 days of bringing your corporation into Ontario. This is called the Initial Notice (Form 2). Once filed, you will receive an Ontario corporation number that establishes the corporation’s presence within Ontario for the Provincial Government.

If you have already filed an Initial Notice and obtained an Ontario corporation number but have made a change to the corporation, for example, the physical location of the business within Ontario or within the home jurisdiction, you are to notify the Provincial Government by filing the Notice of Change (Form 2) within 15 days of that change.

Name and Office Address of the Chief Officer/Manager in Ontario

The chief officer/manager in Ontario is optional. If you have a staff member in Ontario who you want to represent the corporation, you may provide that individuals information including last name, first name and initial with the full address for that individual.

Providing Certificate Pages for the Corporation From Your Home Jurisdiction

When filing the Initial Notice and Notice of Change (Form 2) within Ontario, the Provincial government requires a copy of the certificate page from the Articles of Incorporation and/or Articles of Amendment when a name change has occurred. The Provincial Government wants to ensure that the businesses requesting to come into Ontario are legally incorporating in their home jurisdiction and that the name provided for the corporation is the correct legal name.

Processing Times

Initial Notice

Once the information is received we will process the documentation manually and file with the government. The process takes 3-4 business days and we will receive your Ontario corporate number from the Provincial Government and forward it to you. Please maintain this addition to your corporate records.

Notice of Change

The process of filing the Notice of Change is also manually with the Provincial Government. This filing takes 25 business days to process. The Provincial Government does not provide a confirmation to us of the completion of the filing. It is recommended that after the 25 business days, you request a corporate profile report of your corporation. The report will provide the most recent information for the corporation. This can also be ordered through our website.

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Form 2 Initial Notice/Notice of Change Form