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Change Your Existing Not for Profit or Charitable Organization in Ontario

In Ontario, when you wish to change the name of a nonprofit organization or modify other aspects of your existing Not for Profit or Charitable organization, you are required to file a Supplementary Letters Patent.

Change the name of the corporation

You can change the name of the corporation to a new corporate name. Changing to a numbered company is not available to either a Not For Profit or Charitable Organization in Ontario.

Keep in mind, the new name of the business must be relevant to your existing object clauses.

Example of name change:
Linear Hockey Club
Linear Athletic Club Of Ontario

Change the Object Clauses

The object clauses, which detail the business operations through several paragraphs, may require updates if your objectives have evolved. It's imperative to change not for profit organization documents by updating your original article filing with the Province to reflect the new or revised object clauses.

Example of object clause change:
The establishment of a hockey league
The establishment of an athletic club

Change from a Not For Profit to a Charitable Organization

When the organization was originally incorporated, it may have initially been set up as a Not For Profit organization. Often, as the organization grows, the organization would benefit from having the charitable status added to their existing corporation allowing for the charitable tax benefits associated with individuals and corporations making donations to the organization and the ability for the organization to provide tax receipts.

Change from a Charitable to a Not For Profit Organization

When the organization was originally incorporated, it may have initially been set up as a Charitable organization. Often, as the organization grows, there may be changes required. Ontario Business Central can assist with changing the type of organization.

Is a Company Key Required?

If you file with Ontario Business Central, a company key is not required for any corporation registered before October 19, 2021, unless a key was specifically requested. We, as an intermediary with the Province of Ontario are able to by-pass this requirement for corporations that do not have a key.

If filing directly with the Province yourself, the Company Key is required. You can request a Company Key with the Province directly and the key will be mailed to the registered head office address of the corporation. The corporate address must be up-to-date. If it is not, a Notice of Change is required first to update the address prior to requesting the Company Key.

If you need to check your original articles before making any of these changes

Go to the original Letters Patent or Application for Incorporation of a Corporation without Share Capital that was originally filed when the corporation was incorporated. If you aren't sure what the articles look like, here is a blank example

> Example of Articles of Incorporation

Can’t find your articles?  We can obtain a copy of the articles from the Province for you. Obtain Copy of Articles

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