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Alberta Business Registration

How to Register a Small Business in Alberta

In the Province of Alberta you can register as a Sole-Proprietorship, Partnership or Tradename.

Partnership, Sole-Proprietorship or Tradename, What Do They Provide?

Consider them as an alternative to incorporating. It allows one or more people, or a corporation to operate a business name in Alberta. The business name is not a separate legal entity to the owners. In simplest terms, it allows individuals to operate a business name or a corporation to operate a secondary business name to that of its corporation. The owners of a Sole Proprietorship or Partnership are personally responsible for the debts and obligations of the business. The tradename, exists under the corporation and has the same protections as the corporation outside of name protection.

Registrations offer:

  • No name protection, meaning other businesses may use the same or a similar name
  • No protection of personal liability (excluding tradename)
  • Cheaper option in comparison to incorporating
  • Changes to the registration are limited, some changes require a new registration
  • Business is included under your personal income tax filing (excluding tradename)
  • Available to non-residents of Canada

Sole Proprietorship
A Sole Proprietorship is specifically a business name operating under one(1) person. The Sole Proprietorship offers the availabilty to operate a business under a business name instead of an individuals personal name.

Partnerships allow multiple individuals or 2 or more corporations to operate a business in the Province of Alberta. This type of registration is typically used for 2 or more people who wish to operate a business as a partnership. The partners can be residents of Canada or not. The other (less common) option used for 2 or more corporations that wish to operate as a partnership.

Business Trade Name
A trade name specifically is a registration under an existing corporation. The trade name is considered a business under the umbrella corporation. Many people use the phrasing of a DBA or doing business as name. Once registered, the tradename will be added and included to the existing corporate bank account and tax accounts.

Requirements to Register:

  • Business Name
  • Address (home address can be used, as long as it is within the Province of Alberta)
  • Business Activity (a brief description of what your business does)
  • Individual/s’ names (for both Sole Proprietorship or General Partnership)
  • Individual/s’ addresses
  • Corporation Name (if it is a Trade Name under an existing corporation)
  • Director Name (if it is a Trade Name under an existing corporation)
  • Copy of your driver’s licence (you can either email to us or upload an electronic copy such as PDF, JPG, etc.)

How Long Does Registration Take?

It takes 3 – 5 minutes to submit your application and your order is processed on a same day basis Monday through Friday if submitted prior to 12 noon.

Federal Preliminary NUANS Search

This provides similar or same names of any existing businesses including other registrations, corporations or trademarks. By completing this search request, we can view the databank which shows businesses inside and outside of Alberta. Existing corporations or trademarks already have name protection and if you choose a similar business name, the existing business may demand you change your business name. You may also want to consider that if there are similarly named businesses, as you advertise and market your business, the existing business could gain customers and revenues from your promotions as potential customers could confuse them with you.

Government Fee

The government fee to register is $34.15.

Why use Ontario Business Central?

At Ontario Business Central, we specialize in assisting individuals with registering their business in the Province of Alberta.

We provide you with all the resources you need in processing your registration, and keep you updated via email, confirming your order along the way. We are also available by phone and chat for any questions you might have. We strive to ensure the process is easy, fully transparent and hassle-free.

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If you wish to view an Alberta incorporation as an alternative to registering a Sole Proprietorship, here is the link to do so:


Ontario Business Central is not a law firm, therefore is unable to advise or provide a legal opinion. We are here to assist you in understanding what is mandatory within the jurisdiction of your choice in order to register a business. It is recommended, in the event you have any legal or accounting questions or concerns, that the appropriate qualified professional is contacted before completing the registration or incorporation.