If you want the best name protection available in Canada for your incorporated business, completing a Canada/Federal Incorporation in Canada provides this to you. Get your business started today by completing our online easy to use application using our industry best portal for incorporation.

Take 3 to 5 minutes of your time to provide the details for your incorporation through an easy step by step process. We offer both same day and rush (4 hrs) turnaround time options.




Steps of the Incorporation Process

Step 1:
Ordering Page

  • Select Incorporate Now to start the process of ordering your exclusive Federal Incorporation
  • Choose the appropriate button on whether you are completing a numbered or named corporation
  • Begin going through the ordering page and selecting the items you wish to have for your incorporation.
  • Upfront pricing – our pricing is provided on the ordering page so you know exactly what you are paying for as you choose your items
  • Be assured you will be taken step by step through the incorporation process with email correspondence throughout the process
  • The pricing for your incorporation is listed at the bottom of the ordering page so you see exactly what you are paying for before you proceed
  • Click on the applicable share structure for either 1 or 2 classes of shares or provide your own share structure template

Step 2:
Provide Incorporation Details

  • Provide the business name you wish to incorporate or if a numbered company, simply select the legal ending. All legal endings reflect an incorporated business
  • Head office address for the corporation – this can be a separate space for the business or a home office address if applicable
  • Minimum and Maximum number of directors, most commonly used is Min 1 and Max 10
  • The incorporators/directors information including legal individual name/address/citizenship
  • Name of individual completing the incorporation. This can be you or someone you are completing the incorporation for

Step 3:
Billing Details

  • Provide the credit card holders details. The credit card is not required to be from the same individual filling out the form
  • Provide shipping address for any deliverables
  • Submit the credit card details
  • Click that you are not a robot and wait for the all green completion of your online incorporation details

Step 4:
Payment Information

  • Within a few moments from placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email from our office with all of the details you have provided for your incorporation
  • When ordering a federal named corporation, our first item is to check your business name for availability. We search the NUANS pre-search databank, review and email you directly any business names, if any are of concern. When the business name appears to be available, our office emails you the report for review.
  • When ordering a numbered corporation, the process is moved to the incorporation preparation documents forms 4001 and form 4002 for incorporation with the federal government. This is also completed with the named company once the NUANS report has been completed and emailed.
  • If you have opted to bring your incorporation into a Province the business is registered within, we provide this information as well.
  • Our office then sends the prepared incorporation documents to you for review.approval and signature.
  • When you have emailed confirmation from you, we complete your incorporation with the federal examiners. We continue to work with the federal examiners in obtaining your completed incorporation.
  • Once the federal incorporation has been accepted, we will email the completed incorporation along with the Certificate of Incorporation to you directly.

Step 5:

  • Confirmation email is sent to you and our team
  • We begin processing your order
  • Emails sent as we proceed through each step of the process
  • Named corporations will be searched for availability
  • Preparation and Completion of the Articles of Incorporation
  • Completed Incorporation documents emailed to you
  • Completed Add-ons emailed or shipped to you
Your business starts the moment you receive the documents.




$99.99 plus fees
Named or Numbered
Prep of incorporation
Share structure included


4 Hours if submitted prior to 1pm
48 hours