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Saskatchewan Business Registration - Quick and Easy Process


Saskatchewan Business Registration/Renewal

Registrations are an alternative to incorporating a company. You may choose to register as a Sole-Proprietorship or as a Partnership. This allows you to operate a business, however, the owner accepts all risks, including profit and losses, and assumes all taxes for the business under their personal tax return.

Three requirements for Registering in Saskatchewan:

  1. Name Availability Search and Reservation (2-5 business days government turnaround)
  2. Business Registration
  3. An Address for the Business in Saskatchewan

Obtaining the Request for Name Availability Search and Reservation

Name Approval by the Province of Saskatchewan is Mandatory:

You may request ONE business name that to undergo provincial review.

The report only searches incorporated names within the Information Services Corporation in the Province of Saskatchewan. The Province of Saskatchewan uses their discretion in approving the name and they do not warrant any issue over name conflict.

We will assist you in providing the Name Availability proposal and acceptance.

Registering the Business

Choosing a Name:
Prior to the registration being processed, the Name Availability Search and Reservation is mandatory and must be submitted to the corporate registry for approval

It is mandatory for the name to contain 2 elements – a distinctive and a descriptive element. Both are required to gain name approval from the Province.

Examples provided below.

Distinctive Element Descriptive Element
Mary’s Jewellery Store
Seaside Surf ‘N Turf
Razz I.T.

Restricted Words
You are not permitted to include the following:

  • Saskatchewan or Sask.
  • Operated by or o/b
  • A division of
  • Operating As or o/a
  • Doing Business As or d/b/a
  • Trading As or t/a;


  • Brackets
  • A year
  • Profanity and/or obscene terms.

If your name has only slogans or acronyms (using the first letters in your business name to spell another word) cannot be protected, and therefore cannot be registered.

There are too many terms to list that require special consent. Consent may or may not be required for registering your business and if it is required, the Name Availability Agent will advise you.

How to Obtain a Federal Nuans Preliminary Search

While completing the mandatory Name Availability Search with the Saskatchewan government, you are not provided information on existing Federal corporations or Canadian trademarks, nor business names within Canada. To better see the scope of existing businesses in Canada, you may wish to complete the secondary name search (NUANS Search) to better view and analyze potential conflicts to the name you have proposed.

Sole Proprietorship

This is a registration owned by either one individual, an existing corporation, limited partnership or an Indian Band. The most common of these types of registrations are those of one individual or registration under an existing corporation. The Sole Proprietorship allows for an individual, whether the person is Canadian or a Non-Resident to operate a business in Saskatchewan.


This registration allows multiple individuals or multiple corporations to operate a business in the Province of Saskatchewan. This type of registration is typically used for 2 or more individuals who wish to operate their business as a partnership. The individuals can also be either Canadians or Non-Residents in order to operate the business. The business address must be in Saskatchewan, but the individual addresses may be external to Saskatchewan.

Proprietorship Under Existing Corporation

This registration allows for a Corporation to register an operating as name. This type of registration is used to allow different names to be registered under an Existing Corporation and are commonly used for new products or branding.

How Long Does the Registration Last?

Registrations expire after 3 years. Ontario Business Central tracks your renewal date and will send you an email reminder notification when your registration is nearing its renewal date.

Physical Addresses Outside of Saskatchewan

A Power of Attorney is required if you wish to operate the business in Saskatchewan and you do not have a physical address within Saskatchewan.

Can I Register if I am not a Resident of Canada?

Yes, you may register a business and operate if you haven’t obtained a Permanent Resident or Canadian Citizen status in Canada but live within Saskatchewan.

Is There Business Name Protection for the Registration?

Saskatchewan requires you obtain a Name Availability Search and Reservation within the Province. This search checks your business name against existing businesses and incorporations within Saskatchewan to ensure there is no infringement on businesses that may have either the same or similar to your proposed name. In short, there is no name protection for the registration however, the search exists to ensure you are not conflicting with existing businesses.

Why use Ontario Business Central?

Registering through Ontario Business Central ensures a quick and easy process. We complete the Name Availability Search and Reservation first to ensure availability of your chosen name, prior to registering. It is strongly recommended to also include the preliminary Federal Nuans search to provide you with a wider view of any existing corporations not only in Saskatchewan, but across most of the country, including trademarks. This option allows you better determine a business name that does not put you in the position of infringing against both corporations and trademarks that have existing name protection.

Government fees $60.00
Gazette Fee: $15.00
Business Registration Name Approval $71.94

To register your business in Saskatchewan with our team, please click the link below:

Ontario Business Central is not a law firm, therefore is unable to advise or provide a legal opinion. We are here to assist you in understanding what is mandatory within the jurisdiction of your choice in order to register or incorporate a company. It is recommended, in the event you have any legal or accounting questions or concerns, that the appropriate qualified professional is contacted before completing the registration or incorporation.