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Incorporating your business in Manitoba

Manitoba offers the availability to submit the Name Reservation and Articles of Incorporation online, upon completion, the documents are emailed to you. Ontario Business Central can assist you to obtain the Name Reservation and Incorporation with the Province of Manitoba.

To Incorporate in Manitoba, What is Required?

What is a Name Reservation?

Any new business starting, whether, a Corporation or a small business is required to complete a Name Reservation by the Province of Manitoba Companies Branch. You are required to provide a single name for the business, where the name derived from, where within the Province the business will operate and a brief description of business activity. This is also applicable if you are changing an existing business name within the Province of Manitoba.

How to Choose a Business Name

When selecting a business name, there are three main elements that are required. Each name requires a distinctive, descriptive and legal element. In order to gain name approval, it is recommended to provide all 3 elements. See examples below.

Distinctive Descriptive Legal Element
Roger’s Repair Shop Ltd.
Manuf Hair Corp.

Names That Will not be Accepted

Names that appear to be confusing with the Crown, members of the Royal Family, Government of Canada or Government of Manitoba will be rejected. If a Corporation name contains the words “Manitoba Tartans” or “Golden Boy” the Government of Manitoba will not accept the name. The Ministry will also reject the word Manitoba as the first word of any business name proposed. Only an amalgamated corporation can use the word amalgamated.

The only punctuation marks allowed are !”$%&'()*+,_-./:;<>=?[]\.

Bilingual Business Name

Within the Name Reservation, if you are selecting a bilingual name in both English and French where the translation is an exact or similar name, you may not be required to complete a secondary Name Reservation.



Should I Include a Nuans Preliminary Name Search?

As the Name Reservation report is obtained through the Province of Manitoba, the business name conflicts may be limited to the Province of Manitoba. The Nuans system, offers a wider view of businesses, corporations and trademarks throughout most of Canada. This additional search allows a more in-depth examination of potential conflicts to your business name. If you select the optional pre-search, it is completed prior to submission of the Name Reservation with the Manitoba Government. If conflicts appear, it may be recommended to search a new name at no additional cost.

What is a Numbered Incorporation?

In Manitoba, the government provides the option to incorporate a numbered corporation. The corporate number is provided by the Province, however you have the option to select your legal ending. No name reservation is required for this.

Ex: 123456 Manitoba Inc.

What Happens if I Want to Use Numbers Within my Incorporation Name?

As long as you are not using a name that could be confused with a numbered Corporation, a number can be used as a part of the business name.

110 Entertainers Ltd.
DEF Investments (2017) Inc.

Incorporation in Manitoba

Noted below is a guideline to assist to incorporate in Manitoba. This listing is not legal opinion or advice.

Corporate Name: The name you will submit as the name of the Corporation to Manitoba.

Legal ending options: Incorporated/Inc., Limited/Ltd., Corporation/Corp. You may also use the French versions of the legal endings.

Address of the registered office: This location must be in Manitoba.

The minimum and maximum number of directors: You may choose to have a fixed number. An example would be a Minimum of 1 and Maximum of 1. You may also choose a more open number, which would allow for growth in directors. An example would be Minimum of 1 and Maximum number of 10.

Directors of the Corporation: The director(s) of the corporation must be at least 18 years of age, either not bankrupt or fully discharged from a bankruptcy, be an individual (a corporation cannot be a director) and 25% of the directors must be residents of Canada.

Incorporators of the Corporation: Incorporators may be a Corporation. If an individual, the person must be at least 18 years of age and not bankrupt or fully discharged from bankruptcy.

The shares of the Corporation: You may wish to use a simple structure as provided by the Province of Manitoba or you can also provide your own structure. Within a corporation, the shares provide the ownership to the Corporation.

Restrictions, if any, on share transfers: When shares are issued for a corporation, the shareholders are able to resell their shares unless there are specific restrictions. There is a simple share transfer template you are able to use, or you can provide your own wording for these restrictions.

Restrictions on business activity: Most companies do not put restrictions on their business activity to allow flexibility.

Other provisions, if any: Any clauses to satisfy other legislations or institutions can be included in this section.

Annual Return

Due end of anniversary month. After 2 consecutive years, if not filed will be canceled.

How to Add a Business “Operating As” Name Under your Corporation

What is an Operating as Name?

It is a secondary name the Corporation wishes to use for the business. There are a few options for operating as names.

  1. Same name as the Corporation, just without the legal ending for advertising or signs.
    Ex: Extreme IT Services Inc. carrying on as Extreme IT
    Ex: Extreme IT Services Inc. carrying on as Extreme IT Services
  2. Completely different name from the Corporation.
    Ex: Sashu Restaurant Corp. carrying on as Sashu Catering
    Ex: Sashu Restaurant Corp. carrying on as Amy’s Cafe

In Manitoba, a name reservation is also required to register an “operating as” business name.

If you any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Manitoba Government Fees

Fees to Incorporate $350
Name Approval $65
Rush fee for 24 hour name approval $130
Fees for Business Name $60
Name approval $65
Rush fee for 24 hour name approval $130

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Ontario Business Central Inc. is not a law firm and cannot provide a legal opinion or advice. This information is to assist you in understanding the requirements of registration within the chosen jurisdiction. It is always recommended, when you have legal or accounting questions that you speak to a qualified professional.