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The Provincial Government's Initial Notice filing is mandatory within 60 days after Incorporation, Continuance or Articles of Amalgamation for an Ontario named or numbered company.

When the incorporation was first completed, the corporate address, mailing address and directors, addresses and citizenship were required. The Initial Notice requires a listing of the officer positions for the corporation. The most common positions held are President, Secretary and Treasurer.

File an Initial Notice

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In essence, the President position is the overseeing party for all things related to the administration of the corporation, the Treasurer position is related specifically to the financial responsibilities and oversight, and the Secretary position is related to the administration of the corporation. The are several other positions available to choose from for the officer positions, including the following:

One person can hold more than one position, not all directors must hold officer positions, and different directors can hold different positions. For a sole director, the most common positions held are President, Secretary and Treasurer.

The most common positions are President, Vice President, financial officer, and secretarial officer for multiple directors. If any of the information originally provided in the Articles of Incorporation has changed, these changes can also be updated as you file the Initial Notice.

Once the Initial Notice is filed and completed, there is no yearly mandatory requirement in Ontario to update the corporate record unless you change any of the information filed in the Initial Notice.

Through the Ministry of Finance in Ontario, Canada Revenue Agency does require a yearly update for taxation purposes. This requirement is not part of this filing and is required separately for each tax year filing.

The Initial Notice is completed electronically on a same day basis Monday Through Friday. The completed form will be emailed to the email address provided in the submission.

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