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Since 1992 we have been at the forefront of providing online legal services to incorporate and register your businesses in Canada with 170,000+ clients served.

At Ontario Business Central, we are passionate about supporting entrepreneurs and business owners to cultivate ideas and dreams into reality for business start-ups and growth within Canada. Our mission is to provide an easy online portal where individuals have access to a large amount of content to learn about registering and incorporating businesses, make changes to existing businesses, to cancel and search businesses. We are excited to offer a simple online experience, where researching many topics related to business start-ups and growth is accessible and updated constantly. We listen to our clients and the questions they have related to business ownership, provide or find the answers and write about them to support future individuals with the same or similar questions.

We continue to refine our website to provide the easiest, most transparent way to setup or establish your incorporation or business registration.

Engagement within the entrepreneurial community in Canada is fundamental to us. We take part in and support start-up organizations in Canada, attend tradeshows and events specific to the entrepreneurial community and are committed to supporting both new and growing businesses in Canada.

We fundamentally believe that we are here, not only to offer a simple, easy and inexpensive way to start and grow a business, but to also offer support, encouragement, tools and resources to make your dream a reality.

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Our Founder

Ontario Business Central Inc. was founded by Laura Harvey in December of 1992. At the time, she was 25 years old when she embarked on becoming an entrepreneur, turning her passion for supporting other business owners into a successful business that has assisted more than 170,000 entrepreneurs over the years. Laura shares her nearly 30 years of experience and knowledge with new entrepreneurs through in-depth blogs, providing new business owners with the information and tools they need to start, manage and grow their businesses.

You can find Laura on Linkedin and Twitter.