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30+ years in business About OBCSince 1992, Ontario Business Central has empowered entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into reality. Fueled by this passion, we've become an industry leader, providing the easiest and most transparent experience in Canada to register, incorporate, or make changes to an existing business – every step of the way.

In the early days, we had an office on University Avenue in Toronto with signage on the street offering incorporation and registration services. This started as a simple idea to see if we could help those individuals looking to do a DIY start up where they were passing our building to head to the government office next door. Our primary business and focus historically had been to assist law firms and accounting firms do their corporate due diligence and civil litigation requirements as a corporate search house. We noticed people really wanted to set up their businesses with some support and guidance as more and more entered our office for assistance.

In 2002, we had the idea to create an online experience where people could take a few minutes at home or work to provide their details online to either incorporate or register their business. It took a year and a half to create the first website to bring this idea to light. It took a lot of effort, sweat, hair pulling and many late nights to bring the website to life. This was at a time when most people had dial-up connection to the internet and the Sears Catalog resided in most Canadian households.

In 2004 we finally launched the website. The first online order came in, this was a monumental moment for our business. If you can imagine, it was similar to the introduction of the Big Mac to McDonald's or the moon landing to the world in our minds.

Ontario Business Central has remained excited to support entrepreneurs and business owners to cultivate ideas and dreams into business reality since those early days.

We strongly believe in listening to our clients. We have listened to their confusion, criticism, and requests for additional services. We have always been all ears for feedback and have updated our website to bring the very best experience to our customers.

We have added new features to help you manage your business. This includes things like keeping your corporate information up to date (address changes, directors, names), filing annual returns, searching for businesses, making amendments or continuances, and getting domestic or foreign business licenses. We can even help with domain searches and registrations!

Engagement within the entrepreneurial community in Canada is fundamental to us. We participate in and attend trade shows and events specific to the entrepreneurial community and we are committed to supporting new and growing businesses in Canada. Everyday, we strive for a better online experience. We belong to several organizations including Better Business Bureau, Cira, and The Canadian Chamber of Commerce along with having designations with most corporate registry offices across Canada.

Our mission has always been to support entrepreneurs in Canada. In essence, we believe that our job fundamentally is to offer support for you to start and grow your business by offering encouragement, online tools such as articles and blogs and video resources to help you make your dream a reality. We believe in walking the walk in everything we do.

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Laura Harvey

Our Founder

Laura Harvey stands as a beacon of entrepreneurial support and expertise, embodying the spirit and drive of the community she serves. As the proud owner of Ontario Business Central Inc., Laura's journey is one of dedication, passion, and an unwavering commitment to nurturing the entrepreneurial landscape in Canada.

With over three decades of experience as a corporate specialist coupled with over 25 years of entrepreneurial ventures, Laura brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to her role. Her expertise is not just theoretical; it's built on the real-life challenges and triumphs of navigating the business world. This unique blend of professional and personal experience positions Laura as a relatable and trusted guide for those embarking on their entrepreneurial journey.

Beyond her role at Ontario Business Central, Laura has extended her outreach through the innovative YouTube series "Taking the Leap." This platform allows her to connect with new business owners, offering them a stage to share their stories and insights. "Taking the Leap" is more than just a series; it's a community where aspiring entrepreneurs can find inspiration, learn from the experiences of others, and gain practical advice on crucial corporate tasks like registering a business, updating business information, understanding tax account intricacies, and much more.

Laura's contributions extend into the digital world through her in-depth blogs for Ontario Business Central. Here, she delves into topics essential for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to start, manage, and grow their ventures. Her writing is a reflection of her passion for supporting entrepreneurial advancement and a testament to her deep understanding of the corporate sphere.

Laura Harvey is not just an entrepreneur; she's a mentor, guide, and fellow traveler on the path of business ownership. She embodies the ethos of "walking the walk," providing both the tools and the encouragement for others to thrive in their entrepreneurial endeavors. Whether through her written words, her YouTube series, or her hands-on approach at Ontario Business Central Inc., Laura is dedicated to uplifting and assisting new and established business owners alike.

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Google Ratings - Ontario Business Central

donald wingell

4 months ago

Totally Impressed with the service I received. The process was swift and registration completed in a few working days. No wonder the ratings are so high on Google. Keep up the great work.

Kelly White -Testimonials - Ontario Business Central

Kelly White

7 months ago

It was very easy to renew my business license online. An agent followed up with me immediately by email when she noticed an address discrepancy on my application. It was easily resolved. Prompt, professional and friendly service.


Gazelle Ghajar

6 months ago

Awesome company to work with. Website is easy to navigate into finding what you need, online forms are simple to fill in, and the request was processed and confirmed within the afternoon! Very impressed with their service and will be using again for my husband's business come January.