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This filing is for Federal Annual Returns. At the same time, you can update the corporate or director addresses, or add/remove directors.


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What is a Federal Annual Return?

A Federal Annual Return (Form 22) is a mandatory filing requirement by all active corporations incorporated, amalgamated or continued with the federal government through Corporations Canada.

The Annual Return must be filed within 60 days of the anniversary date of inception for the incorporation, amalgamation or continuance from another jurisdiction into Canada through Corporations Canada.

There may or may not be any corporate changes including the address for the corporation, address for the directors or any change to the directors listed for the corporation; however the Annual Return is a mandatory filing regardless of change. It ensures that all federally incorporated businesses maintain a yearly recording of the corporation's current information.

How Can I Check to see the Corporate Anniversary Date?

We can complete a quick preliminary search to tell you the date of incorporation and to ensure the corporation is up to date at the same time. Often the Annual return can be missed for more than one year. This will ensure the corporation is completely brought up to date.

Why is a Federal Annual Return mandatory?

The Annual Return is required to keep the federal corporation information accurate and up-to -date with the federal government. If Annual Returns are not filed each year after the 2nd anniversary of missed Annual Return filings, the corporation will be cancelled for non-compliance.

Which Federal Corporate entities are required to file?

What can happen if the Annual Returns are not filed?

The federal government through Corporations Canada has the ability to dissolve a corporation that has not filed its Annual Returns. This can have significant complications as once the corporation has been dissolved, the business can no longer operate legally.

If the corporation is a not-for-profit corporation that has charitable status, that status is also revoked. Filing Articles of Revival to reinstate the incorporation is time-consuming and costly.

What if there are no changes?

On the next page, just select the option “Annual Return Only - No Changes to Corporate Address, Directors or Officer Information” and continue filling out the rest of the information requested in the form.

How will I know the Annual Return has been Completed?

We will send you a confirmation of the Annual Return filing for your corporate records and also send out a reminder email to you the following year, ensuring you never miss the required return.