what is a federal annual return

If you have an active Federal Corporation, filing an Annual Return each year is required by the Federal Government in order to update Corporations Canada of any changes, if any that may have occurred over the last year with your corporation, and to keep the corporation in good standing. Whether the corporation has had any changes or not, the Annual Return is mandatory.

When do my Annual Returns need to be filed?

Annual Return filings for a corporation are due to be filed on the anniversary date of the corporation. Within 60 days of the anniversary date, the return must be filed, otherwise it will be considered overdue.

What happens if I miss filing my Annual Return?

If you have missed the filing deadline for your Annual Return, that return is now considered overdue. You still have the opportunity to file the Annual Return if it is overdue, however, if you miss filing two Annual Returns, your corporation may be cancelled by the Federal Government for non-compliance. If this happens, Articles of Revival would have to be filed in order to bring the corporation back into active status, and the missed Annual Returns would have to be filed subsequently in order to keep the newly revived corporation as active.

What information is included in an Annual Return?

When submitting your Annual Return, you are updating the information on file with the Federal Government, and informing them that your corporation is still active.

The following information is required with a Federal Annual Return Filing:

  • Year of Filing
  • Last Annual Meeting Date
  • Corporation Type

You are also able to make changes to your corporate filing when submitting your Annual Return. These include address changes, adding and/or removing directors and changing director addresses.

File Your Federal Annual Return

Annual Returns for Other Provinces

There are certain Provincial jurisdictions that require Annual Returns to be filed. If your corporation is registered in a Province that has this requirement, we can assist with completing and filing your Annual Return to keep your corporation in good standing.

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