Obtain an Ontario Company Key Easily

The Province of Ontario introduced the company key as a new measure for all new and existing businesses in Ontario. Any new business will receive a company key automatically upon registration or incorporation. Existing businesses are already established, can request a company key at any time to use for future transactions with the Province of Ontario.

The company key is only retrieval to those who know the following information accurately

We offer the ability to verify the correct business name, current directors or owner's name/s and business address. Once ascertained we will submit a request for company key directly with the Province of Ontario. The company key will be mailed out by the Province to the address provided for the business. We do not have access or information related to the company key.

Business Information


What companies in Ontario can request a company key?

  • Sole Proprietorships
  • General Partnerships
  • Trade names under existing corporation
  • LP's
  • Incorporations
  • Amalgamations
  • Not For Profit Incorporation
  • Charitable Organizations
  • Professional Incorporations
  • Extra Provincial Licences
  • LLC's
  • Continuances into Ontario

We will confirm the details of the registration or incorporation with those held in the Province of Ontario databank. The details will be emailed to you and any verification of current address. If the address requires to be updated, we can complete this transaction for additional fees. If the business address is current, we will simply complete the request for the 9 digit Ontario Company Key and it will be mailed to the business address.