Cancel Ontario Registered Business

To proceed with the cancellation of a business registration we’ll need all the details that you supplied in your original business registration so it would be advisable to have the original paperwork with you as a reference while you fill out the form below. If you no longer have a copy of your original registration, we can assist.

Cancelling your Ontario Registered Business has never been easier. Whether you have an existing Sole Proprietorship, General Partnership or Trade Name under an existing Corporation, we make the process simple and convenient.

If it’s time to move on to something new, an important item is to cancel the existing business.

The cancellation will take only a few minutes to complete and cancels the business with the Province of Ontario. This stops both the liability and tax implications associated with the business.

Once you have canceled your registration, you may also want to contact Revenue Canada, your financial institution and any other business contact who may want to review a copy of cancellation documentation.

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We are here to assist you and to make the process simple. If you have any questions or are not sure what type of business you operate, please feel free to take a quick moment and either call 1-877-306-9458 or send us a quick message to [email protected] Alternatively if you don’t see what you would like to do, just reach out to us and we can look at obtaining a quote for a service not listed on the website.

Note: Corporations cannot be cancelled using this form.
Cancel an Existing Business Registration
Brief description from your original registration about your business activity (40 chars max).
Business Identification Number
$10.00+ HST fee to search for your BIN number
Cancel Sole Proprietorship
Cancel Sole Proprietorship

If you are the sole owner of the business, this provides you with the opportunity to cancel the existing business. The information required is:

  • The name of the business
  • Your name and address
  • The business address
  • Business activity
  • The BIN number associated with your current Master Business Licence is required. If you can’t find your BIN number, don’t worry, we will look it up for your as part of the processing.
Cancel General Partnership
Cancel General Partnership

If more than one person owns the business, a General Partnership is applicable. This provides you with the opportunity to cancel the existing business. Whether the business is no longer in operation or there is a circumstance where the partnership is not working well, you can take a few moments and cancel the General Partnership. The information required is:

  • The name of the business
  • The names and addresses of the owners
  • Business activity
  • BIN number of the business. If you aren’t sure of the BIN number, we can look it up for you and add it to your order.
Cancel Tradename Under Corporation
Cancel Tradename Under Corporation

If you own an existing corporation and operate a secondary business name under that corporation, this provides you the opportunity to cancel that secondary business name. If you wish to cancel your doing business as name, the information required to do so is:

  • The name of the business
  • The BIN number for the registration
  • The corporation the business belongs to
  • Corporate number. If you are not sure of the corporate number or BIN number, we can look this up for you as part of the order.
  • The address for the business, Director name and address.


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