Ontario Registered Business Changes

Change current information on your registered business quickly and easily including changes to the following types of registrations.

Make the change or changes you wish using the best platform available.

What Changes can be made?

Amend an Existing Business Registration

Business Identification Number
$10.00+ HST fee to search for your BIN number

How much does it cost to change my registered business?

The fees to change any of the details for your current registration are $99.99 plus hst.

Can I renew my business at the same time?

Under the new OBR system, the change to a registration and renewal MUST be completed as two separate filings. If you also require renewal of your current registration, amend the details and then complete the renewal application for your business registration.

Can I change the name of my business?

To change the name of your current registration, you will need to complete a new registration. A Business Name Registration, formerly Master Business License under the Business Name Act, does not allow a change of the business name.

Do I need a Company Key to Change my business?

The Company Key was introduced in October of 2021 under the new Ontario Business Registry system. If you are filing directly with the Province of Ontario, the Company Key is mandatory. As an intermediary company with the Province, we are able to by-pass the Company Key requirement making the business registration change much easier and faster. If you have obtained a Company Key, you may use this within our system as well.

What can’t be changed with this filing?

(X) Change of Business Name
(X) Change From Sole Proprietorship to a Partnership
(X) Change From Partnership to Sole Proprietorship
(X) Change A Sole Proprietorship From One Person To Another
(X) Change Corporate Name For a Business Registered Under Corporation

What if I need to change my corporate information as well?

If you operate a business under a corporation there may be other changes that you will want to update for the corporation they include:

  1. Change of Corporate Information such as addresses (Notice of Change)
  2. Change Corporate Name for Business (Articles of Amendment)
  3. Ontario Annual Return update