Ontario Registered Business Changes

The following changes cannot be made from a current registration and require a new registration to be completed. If any of these apply, please go back to our registration selection and choose: register a new business.

Changes That Cannot Be Made

(x) Change business name (not available as an amendment)
(x) Change from a sole proprietorship to a partnership
(x) Change from a partnership to a sole proprietorship
(x) Change a sole proprietorship from one person to another
(x) Change corporate name provided from original Master Business Licence

This form allows you to make changes to an existing Sole Proprietorship, General Partnership or Tradename.

What you can change?

To proceed with an amendment / change / update to your business registration information you will require all the details that you supplied in your original business registration so it would be advisable to have the original paperwork as a reference while you fill out the forms on the following pages.

Amend an Existing Business Registration

Business Identification Number
$10.00+ HST fee to search for your BIN number