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Incorporated Company Changes

Change Corporate Name/Structure

Change Corporate Name/Structure

Change the following information:

  • Corporate Name
  • Corporate Structure
  • Min & Max Number of Directors
Initial Notice Filing

Initial Notice Filing to List Officers

First Corporate Filing After Incorporation
Mandatory Filing Within 60 Days of Incorporating

  • List Officer Positions
  • Confirm Address/current Directors
Change Directors, Officers, or Address

Change Directors, Officers, or Address

This form is used for existing corporations that will be making the following changes:

  • Change Address
  • Add or Remove Director
  • Update Corporate Details
Annual Return

Annual Return

Yearly Update to Corporate Records

  • Mandatory Yearly Filing
  • Required Whether Any Changes Are Applicable or Not

Do You Want To Make a Change To Your Existing Corporation?

Having an existing corporation gives you the opportunity to make any changes you want to the corporation.

Ontario Business Central makes the process simple and easy to complete to update your existing Ontario or Federal Corporation seamlessly on a same day basis.

What Corporate Changes Can Be Made?

Ontario Or Federal Corporations

Change the Name or Structure of Your Existing Corporation

Change the corporate or directors address, change/add or remove directors

Ontario Only

File an Initial Notice and list the officer positions for your corporation

Federal Only

File your Annual Return (required each year).

Alternative Changes Not Listed

Ontario Business Central offers other options that are not listed on our website. If you don’t see what you would like to do, please give our office a call and discuss with one of friendly, knowledgeable staff. You can call 1-800-280-1913 or send us a quick message to [email protected]

Why Is It Important To Complete the Changes To My Corporation?

Anytime there is a change to the corporation, you are required to update your corporate record immediately with the jurisdiction where the incorporation took place.

How Do I Change My Corporate Name?

To change your corporate name, you must file a secondary document to your original Articles of Incorporation. The secondary filing allows you the opportunity to legally change the name of the corporation, giving you the ability to advertise that new business name, along with updating your corporate information with your financial institution, Revenue Canada and your clients. By completing a name change to your corporation, your current corporate name goes into your history and the new corporate name is to be used once the filing has been finalized. A new Nuans report will be required for the new corporate name as well. One current director’s details are required to authorize completion of this change.

Change Corporate Name

How Do I Change My Corporate Structure Or Object Clauses?

The corporate structure allows you to change the parameters of the corporation. One current director’s details are required to authorize this filing. The changes are as follows:

Profit Corporations:
  • Restrictions of Business Activity
  • Classes of Shares
  • Rights and Privileges Attached to the Classes of Shares
  • Restrictions on Share Transfers
  • Other Provisions
  • Min/Max Number of Directors

Change Corporate Structure or Object Clauses

Non-Profit/Charitable Corporations:
  • Object Clauses
  • Special Provisions
  • Change from a Not for Profit to a Charitable Organization
  • Change from a Charitable to Not for Profit Organization

How Do I Change The Minimum And Maximum Number Of Directors?

When you originally incorporated, the Articles of Incorporation required you to provide the minimum and maximum number of directors for the corporation. If you wish to either add more directors above your maximum allowed or remove below your minimum number of directors, it is required that the minimum and maximum number of directors be updated to provide the room for you to include or remove the directors as you wish. Usually, the incorporation is set up with a minimum of 1 director and a Maximum of 10. This range can be adjusted by amending your Articles of Incorporation. One current director’s details are required for this filing.

How Do I Change The Directors Of The Corporation?

At any time you may change the directors of any corporation, you will want to update this information with what is on file for the corporation. this filing happens electronically with the Province of Ontario or Industry Canada with the Federal Government. You can add, remove or modify a directors position. Please ensure when adding a new director, you have the correct legal name and address of the individual along with whether this person is or is not a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident. This filing is completed on a same day basis and emailed to you upon completion. The corporate record with the government is updated immediately. You only need to provide the changing information and do not need to provide details for the corporate address, mailing address or any other directors information that remains the same.

Anyone can make this change.

How Do I Change The Address Of The Corporation?

Changing the corporate address is completed in the same format as a director change. If you are changing the corporate or mailing address for the corporation, these are the only details required to make the change outside of the corporate name. Ensure the new corporate address is a physical address where someone can come to the physical location of your corporation. It is not permitted for a corporation to use a postal box or UPS store. If you do not have a separate location for the business, you can always use your home address.

How Do I File An Initial Notice?

An Initial Notice is required after you complete an Ontario Incorporation. Within the Articles of Incorporation you must provide the director's name and addresses to fulfill the requirement for incorporation.

The Initial Notice is a secondary mandatory filing with the Province, due within 60 days of the incorporation, which provides the officer positions for the corporation. You can include positions such as President, CEO, CFO, Secretary, Administrator, Treasurer, General Manager, Chair Person and a number of other options. The officers of the corporation are not necessarily the directors, however typically, they go hand in hand. Not all directors are required to hold officer positions and at the same time, a director may hold multiple officer positions. It’s important overall to consider who is responsible for the corporation, who is maintaining the records of the corporation and who is overseeing the finances of the corporation. Those are the most important positions to consider and file. Anyone can make this change.

How Do I File An Annual Return?

The Annual Return is required for a Federally incorporated company yearly, whether there is a change to the corporation or not. You will be required to file on the anniversary date each year from when you originally incorporated. The filing is completed with the Federal Government (Industry Canada) on a same day basis and keeps your corporation in good standing with the Federal Government. If failure to file occurs, the corporation will be cancelled by the Federal Government. Anyone can make this change.

Ontario Business Central has been in business since 1992 helping those who wish to make changes to their business in Canada.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated, friendly staff from Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00 pm – EST.