Obtaining an Ontario Profile Report for a Corporation Has Never Been Easier!

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An Ontario Business Registry Profile Report provides the most current corporate information on file for an Ontario corporation. The corporation profile report has information contained in the  form of a report that is all public information for both corporations and registered businesses in Ontario.  The Profile Report  includes:

  • Legal name of the business and corporate number
  • Incorporation or registration date
  • Corporate name history
  • Head office details
  • Business address
  • Directors, officers or owners names and addresses
  • The start date for each director and officers (for corporations)
  • Corporate filing history
  • Current status of the corporation

These are also some of the most important corporate searches because all of this information is held in a public database. For instance, anyone can request this corporation profile report search and can receive this information, regardless if they are associated with the corporation or registered business. The Province does not maintain a record of who orders the corporate search on the business. Your request for the Corporate Profile Report is private whether you want a mailing address, corporate name history, see the status, or other information. 

How quickly can you receive your Ontario Profile Report?

Profile Reports also known as entity profile reports in Ontario, are obtained very quickly, generally within minutes of placing the order, if the order is submitted before 3 pm. The document is obtained and sent electronically by email in PDF format.

You can use the link below to order an Ontario Profile Report:

Corporate Search

Is the information accurate?

The Ontario corporate profile report is based on the information provided by the owners of the business to the Province of Ontario. As the business changes such as directors, officers, business and personal names and addresses, the owners of the business are to update their corporate information. The Profile Report provides the most recent information provided by the owners to the Province.

If you are a director, officer or owner of a corporation or registered business with outdated business information on file, you can file an Ontario Notice of Change for a corporation or a change to an Ontario registered business  to update this information.

If you’re wondering how do I get a corporation profile report (CPSO), Ontario Business Central can assist with updating your Ontario corporate information on a same-day basis through the link below:


How long is the information in a Profile Report valid?

Any corporate or registered business information contained in an Ontario Profile Report is valid as of the day the report is ordered. The profile report will provide any out of province corporations such as a federal corporation that has filed a Form 2 Initial Notice or Notice of Change in Ontario but typically, the information is limited and another search should be completed for the home jurisdiction of the corporation.

Does the Profile Report show any shareholder information?

The Profile Report will show all of the public information for a corporation. All shareholder information is private information and cannot be obtained through any type of corporate search. The directors, officers are generally also the shareholders, but this is not always the case.

Can I still obtain a Profile Report if the corporation is dissolved or cancelled?

When an Ontario corporation is canceled or dissolved, a Profile Report can still be obtained. In these cases, the Profile Report will show the last information on file for the corporation when it was canceled or dissolved and the date of dissolution.

To order an Ontario Corporate Profile Report, you can use the link below:


There are a number of different corporate searches available for a business name registered or corporation including the list below with common corporate searches:

If you are looking for answers about how to get a corporate profile report in Ontario we are here to help you. Also, if you are searching for different types of searches available, including Corporations Information Act Annual Return, due diligence information we can assist you. For all these queries, you can contact Ontario Business Central to get more information about what each search would provide. We are your one-stop solution for all Ontario  business and incorporation needs and Ontario corporate profile solutions!

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