Certificate of Status

certificate of status

A Certificate of Status is a 1 page document that confirms whether a corporation as active on the date the certificate is issued. There are a number of reasons why you may require this certificate from the home jurisdiction of a Canadian corporation.  

When would you require this status search?

A Certificate of Status may be required in a number of instances including:

  • If you are purchasing or selling a corporation
  • In order to register your corporation in another jurisdiction
  • As requested by a professional governing body for compliance with their regulations
  • To confirm the status of a corporation for financial institutions

Ontario Business Central can assist with obtaining this document quickly, with the completed certificate sent directly to your email inbox.

Is there a difference between a Status Search, Certificate of Status, Certificate of Good Standing and Certificate of Compliance?

There is no difference between these certificates. Each provides the same status information and confirms whether a corporation is  active. Depending on the jurisdiction a corporation is registered in, the document will be called something different. In Ontario, the certificate  is known as a Certificate of Status. A federally incorporated company, the certificate is called the Certificate of Compliance. The status of the corporation can only be obtained from the home jurisdiction (Province or Territory) where the head office of the corporation resides.

How long is the certificate valid?

Generally, when this document is requested, the certificate is considered valid for 60 days from the ordering date. Each entity, whether it is a financial institution, professional governing body or another, will have their own specifications for how long they consider this certificate to be valid, so it is best to check with them for details. 

Certificate of Status in Ontario for Professional Corporations

Professional Corporations in Ontario are overseen by their individual governing bodies, who set out the regulations that each Professional Corporation must comply with. For the most part, Professional Corporations in Ontario need to obtain a Certificate of Status annually and provide their governing body with a valid Certificate in order to maintain authorization from the governing body to continue.

Obtain a Certificate of Status

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