Corporate searches of existing businesses across Canada

We offer the ability to search existing corporations and businesses across Canada for either a Corporate Search or Certificates of Status/Compliance/Good Standing.

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Corporate Searches - Order Form
Name of the business:
Government Fee Our Fee
(plus HST)
Corporate Search (Profile Report) - ONTARIO
Provides head office address, individual(s) listed for businesses, addresses, may provide business activity.
Corporate Search (Profile Report) - Other Provinces
Provides head office address, individual(s) listed for businesses, addresses, may provide business activity.

Only Ontario can be certified
Certificate of Status/Compliance/Good Standing
Certificate confirming if a corporation is active

  Provides the legal formation of the corporation
  3 - 5 day turnaround

  Articles of Amendment

Name of Business for name change

  All Articles of Amendment      
  Notice of Change dated prior to 1995
  All Notice of Change current to 1995      
Exclusive Products for Ontario Corporations
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Point in Time Reports Profile
Report on a specific date

Document List
(Exclusive to Ontario) lists documents from 1995 filed for corporation
Business Names List
(Exclusive to Ontario) Provides any tradenames under existing corporation
Certificate of Non-Filing
Statement of No Match
Provides letter of business not in existence
Order Products for Businesses (not incorporated) Government Fee Our Fee
(plus HST)
Document Replica
BNLP Document List
Business Names Report
(Master Business Licence) Provides very similar information to the Profile Report but for small business. If you are litigating or need a copy of the Master Business Licence for your bank, it is adviceable to order a certified copy of this document.
Partnership Business Names List




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Corporate Search

The corporate search offers current details for the corporation/small business including confirmation of whether the business is a corporation or small business, legal address, current directors/principals, how long the business has been established, if active and may additionally provide the business activity.”

This is requested for a variety of reasons including:

  • Searching the legitimacy of a business
  • Obtaining and or ensuring the current directors are listed accurately
  • Searching to see if an existing business is within the same/similar industry
  • Service of legal documents
  • Searching a new business that may be in conflict with your existing business name

Certificate of Status / Status Certificate / Certificate of Compliance

The certificate of Status or Compliance is typically a one page certificate that verifies if a corporation is active or inactive on the date of request. This certificate is only available for incorporated companies.

This is requested for a variety of reasons including:

  • Out of Province filing of an existing Provincial/federal corporation into a new jurisdiction
  • Professional corporations maintaining compliance with their governing bodies
  • Purchase or sale of corporation to ensure it is active
  • When we receive your order we are able to provide the information requested by email the same day

If you have questions about the products to order, please give us a call at 1-800-280-1913 or 416-599-9009.

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