How To Make Incorporated Company Changes In Ontario

Notice Of Change

Originally Published June 6, 2016

Making incorporated changes in Ontario is an easy, quick and hassle free process with the help of Ontario Business Central. Our convenient intermediary status with the Province of Ontario for Government Services means we can make same-day filing possible. Depending on the changes you want to make, follow the appropriate steps as outlined below – different changes require separate applications so take care to choose the appropriate one.

New Ontario Business Registry System (OBR)

As of October of 2021, the Ontario government introduced updates to most of the Corporate and Business Acts in Ontario.  Both the Articles of Amendment and Form 1 Notice of Change have been affected.

Introduction of Company Key

Each registered or Incorporated business can now apply for a Company Key for their individual business.  The Company Key can be obtained directly through the Province of Ontario.  Once requested, the Company Key will be mailed to the current head office address of the corporation.  If you wish to file directly with the province either Articles of Amendment or a Form 1 Notice of Change, the Company Key must be obtained first.  This can take many weeks to receive.

Ontario Business Central has an intermediary status with the Province of Ontario and can file your requests electronically without the need of the Company Key.  You can either provide us with the company key as part of your processing or leave it blank.

Online/Email/Mail Filing Submissions

Online Filing

Using Ontario Business Central is the fastest way to complete either the Articles of Amendment or Notice of Change as we are able to complete the filings online on a same-day basis.

Email/Mail Filing

You can directly file with the Province of Ontario by email or mail.  The reported time delays are 7 to 15 days.  The delays may be much longer.

Changing the Name of the Corporation/Structure/Number of Directors:

In Ontario, Articles of Amendment are filed for the following three reasons:

  • changing the name of a corporation
  • changing the structure or
  • changing the minimum or maximum number of directors

If you are looking to make any of the above changes to your incorporated company in Ontario, an electronic filing  is now possible.  Ontario Business Central makes the process of making any of the above changes very simple. Here is what you need to do:

  • Complete the Articles of Amendment Online Application. This will take no more than five minutes to complete and will indicate additional information about what you are amending. Keep in mind that if you are changing the name of your corporation, a NUANS report is required (ensure you click this option in your application).
  • Review and Accept the prepared Articles of Amendment. After you have submitted the online application, our team will then prepare the articles. We will email the prepared Articles of Amendment for your review and acceptance.  If you are completing a name change for the corporation we will review the new business name for conflicts and email you the results.  If the proposed business name is available, we will proceed.  If the new business name is not available, you can provide a new name at no additional cost.
  • Sign the Articles of Amendment. When you have approved the Articles, we will require original signatures from a director of the corporation as part of the filing requirement.  You do not need to send the signed documents to us but simply verify you have completed this process.
  • Notify Bank and Revenue Canada. Once the Articles of Amendment have been completed, notify your financial institution and Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), as well as obtain new cheques, business cards, when you have changed the legal name of your corporation.

Changing Your Corporation’s Address

The application form below is completed in the following situations: corporate address change, change of address for directors/officers, the addition or removal of a director and changing an officer’s position. If you wish to complete any of these changes, click on the link  below.

Change Your Corporate Address