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Original Publish Date: Nov 28,2019

Across Canada, the BN number refers to the Business Number attached to your business with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).  When a business incorporates, the CRA BN number is automatically provided as the BN number provides the tax number for the corporation.  With a registered business, the business is taxed under the individual owner/s and the BN number is not automatically assigned.  It is only required if you wish to set up a tax account among a few other items.

BN Number Tax Set Up / BN Number Lookup

Canada Business Number for a Federal Incorporation

When you have completed a federal incorporation, the BN number is automatically provided for the corporation.  We provide the BN number with the completed Articles of Incorporation if completed with us.  If you require your BN number after incorporating your business because it has been misplaced, we can obtain that for you quickly and easily by completing a BN lookup on your federal corporation. You simply require your corporate name and select corporate searches across Canada and we will send you the results by email in short order.  If you haven’t yet decided where you are going to federally incorporate, we provide this service as part of our incorporation process.

Ontario Business Number for an Ontario Incorporation

In Ontario, the BN number is also automatically generated with an Ontario Incorporation.  The BN number should be available to the corporate address you provided when you incorporated and it typically takes 4 to 6 business days to receive the BN number from the Canada Revenue Agency by mail, or available by phone within 2 business days.

If you have lost your BN number, we can obtain it and send you the results.  If you are looking to Incorporate in Ontario,  we can assist you to obtain your BN number as part of the incorporation service we provide.

BN Number Tax Set Up / BN Number Lookup

CRA Business Numbers for Other Provinces

Most Provinces provide a BN number automatically with the completion of an Incorporation.  These include other business opportunity Provinces such as British Columbia and Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick or Prince Edward Island.

In all of these provinces, the incorporation will automatically provide the  CRA program account for corporation income tax (RC).  The BN number never changes, just the letters behind each tax account required will change as listed below.

  • GST/HST will have an RT
  • Payroll will have an RP
  • Import-Export will have an RM

Business Number for a Master Business Licence

If you have registered a Business Name Registration, previously called a Master Business Licence, as a Sole Proprietorship or a Firm Name for a General Partnership (previously called a General Partnership), the BN number is not provided until you require an account set up for the business.

In the Province of Ontario, there are two very similar numbers that can be assigned to a business.  One is the BIN number which is a 9 digit number attached to a Master Business Licence registration whether it be a Sole Proprietorship, Firm Name for a General Partnership or Business Name for a Corporation (formerly called a Trade Name under a corporation).  This 9 digit number is the unique number assigned to the registration.  Alternatively, there is a 9 digit tax number with the Canada Revenue Agency called the BN number.  The BN number is only applicable when you are applying for HST, Payroll etc. If you are confused by these two numbers, you are not alone and we are here to assist.

The reasons for a BN number for a Master Business Licence are:

  • Tax accounts such as HST, Payroll, Import Export
  • Grants and some funding programs
  • Wholesale licensing
  • Many municipal services

We can assist you with obtaining the BN number when you register your business with us.

If you have registered your business as a Sole Proprietorship or Firm Name for a General Partnership (formerly General Partnership) but have not yet applied for the BN number and would like to, we can assist you to register for the BN number quickly and easily if you wish to set up the HST, Payroll or Import/Export Licence for your business.

BN Number Tax Set Up / BN Number Lookup

BIN Number for a Master Business Licence in Ontario

If you currently have a Business Name Registration in Ontario or BNR (formerly called a Master Business Licence or MBL ) as a Sole Proprietorship, Firm Name for a General Partnership (formerly called a General Partnership) or Business Name for a Corporation (formerly called a Trade Name) and are looking for the number attached to that business registration, we can help you find it easily and quickly.

The Ontario business number or business identification number is located within your Business Name Registration aka Master Business Licence and is a 9 digit number.

Listed below is an example of a Master Business Licence for your review.  The BIN number or Business Identification number is located below the double bar beside the business name registration.

master business licence sample

If you do not have a copy of your Master Business Licence and only require the business identification number, we can search your existing business by name to obtain and send you the number by email.

Here is the link to request your business identification number.  Simply provide the name of your business and select corporate searches across Canada, opt for Ontario, select Business Name Registration under Searches for Ontario Corporations And Registered Businesses and we will send you a copy of the registration with the BIN number.

Request Your Business Identification Number

By ordering this request, you will have a replacement copy of your current registration with all of the details of your registration including the business name, business address, your name, your address, business activity and the BIN number.

The RESULTS will be emailed to you on a same day basis Monday through Friday, when ordered prior to 3:00 pm.

We can assist you to set up your HST and/or payroll accounts as well. Just reach out to our office and provide the details and we will process on your behalf.

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