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domain name extensions

9 Must Ask Questions Before Registering Your Domain Name

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finding your ontario corporation number

How To Find My Ontario Corporate Number?

Originally Published: Dec 5, 2019 If you currently operate a corporation anywhere in Canada and are looking for the corporate number attached to that incorporation,... ...
what is a federal annual return

What is a Federal Annual Return?

Originally Published: Sept 9, 2019 If you have an active Federal Corporation, filing an Annual Return each year is required by the Federal Government in... ...
corporate history

Searching The History Of An Ontario Corporation

Originally Published: Aug 26, 2015 If you wish to obtain the full history of an Ontario corporation, here are the steps to take to complete... ...
canada business search

How to Conduct Business Searches Across Canada

Originally Published: Oct 3, 2019 In Canada, any business whether it’s a small business registration or an incorporated company is required to register with the... ...
Business Name Registration (BNR) Ontario

Business Name Registration Ontario

Originally Published: Oct 28, 2021 What is a Business Name Registration? The Business Name Registration in Ontario or BNR is the new name for the... ...
Fast Ontario Incorporation

Fast Ontario Incorporation

Originally Published: Oct 26, 2021 If you are looking at having an incorporation within Ontario completed on a rush timeframe, we are here to get... ...