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9 Hot tips – How to Start a Bakery

Are you the go-to cake/cupcake person for every birthday? Do you make the best “only one more bite” desserts? If so, turning your talents, knowledge and will-to-succeed into a profitable business may be the next step on your path to success. A bakery is a very specific type of food establishment. This allows you to serve a unique market. The following 9 tips are a great place to start.

1- What kind of bakery would you like to open?

Some great things to consider when deciding which kind of bakery you wish to open is to assess your talents, budget and goals. Doing research on trends and local markets may also provide additional insights. Developing the new “it thing” may be daunting; however by creating a niche, you are helping to remove competitors. An example of this would be: There are 3 local cupcake shops that offer many varieties of different cupcakes. A niche market could be offering nut-free cupcakes, or gluten-free and vegan.


ontario incorporation

Ontario Incorporation

When you are looking at starting a new business or have grown your existing business from a Master Business Licence to the point where you have decided to move to incorporation, there are specific parameters available to an incorporated business that are not available with the registration of a Master Business Licence.

When you incorporate a company, the incorporation is continual meaning you never have to re-register or complete the incorporation process again.


registering your church

How to Register Our Church in Ontario

If you are looking at registering a church or religious organization in Ontario, here is an overview of what is required to incorporate and register as a charitable organization.


There are a number of items required to incorporate a church or religious organization within Ontario.

Name of Church

It is important to provide a unique name to your church unless you are affiliated and can gain a consent from the governing church organization. The Provincial examiners who review your proposed church search against existing church organizations in Canada through what is called the NUANS report. This report provides a listing of similar named businesses, corporations and trademarks to the name you would like to use. Typically, a presearch will be completed to see if there are confusing or similar names businesses prior to the six page report being ordered.


setting up a foundation

How to Register a Foundation in Ontario

If you are looking at registering a foundation in Ontario, here is an overview of what is required to incorporate and register as a charitable organization.


A foundation is unique from any other charitable organization set up in Ontario in that the word “foundation” can solely be used for a charitable portal where the funds created within the organization are relinquished to existing charitable organizations. It may be viewed as a management arm of charities overall who work at bringing revenues in and provides the ability to disseminate to others. We often see this as an opportunity where a family wishes to have the ability to put forward funding to other organizations.


business partnership

How to Add a Partner to My Business?

Depending on what business you have set up, you may or may not be able to add a partner to an existing business.

When You’ve Registered a Sole Proprietorship or Proprietorship

If you have registered a Master Business Licence or small business as a single owner by either registering a Sole Proprietorship or Proprietorship, you cannot change these to add a new partner to the business set up however you can simply register a new General Partnership or Partnership to provide the opportunity to have the business include a partner. This does mean you are completing a new registration to obtain the ability to include a partner. We recommend that when you have completed a new General Partnership or Partnership that you cancel the previous registration as a Sole Proprietorship where you operated the business as a sole owner. This confirms the ending of the business as one person and the beginning of the business as 2 or more individuals.


business leadership - tradename registration

How to Register a Second Business?

If you currently operate a business, it would be either as an incorporated business or a Business Licence such as a Sole Proprietorship, General Partnership or Partnership.

When you own an incorporated company

If you own an incorporated company in any Province or Territory in Canada, you can complete a secondary business name under the corporation (corporate umbrella). This allows you to use a secondary business name to your corporate name. An example to assist is as follows:


canadian company incorporation

Canadian Company Incorporation

No matter what Province or Territory your business operates within, choosing to incorporate a Canadian or Federal incorporation is always an option when looking at where to incorporate

What does a Canadian incorporation provide to you?

If you are looking at incorporating, the Canada incorporation provides to you an understood higher level of name protection in comparison to the Provincial incorporations. Why is this? The federal government reviews and confirms if the selected business name is available within the Canadian system. This means, your business name will be viewed and accepted against existing business across each Province and Territory in Canada. It is important to find a very unique business under these circumstances.


search existing business ownership

How to find out who owns a business?

When a business is either registered or incorporated anywhere in Canada, a public databank is maintained within each Province across Canada with specific details for each business including who owns the business, correct legal name of business, business address, and at times the business activity. If a business begins as a federally incorporated company, the Federal government maintains a databank specific to this jurisdiction but under any other circumstance, the Province where the business operates within will have a copy of the business within their system.


search an existing business name

How can I search my business name against existing businesses?

If you incorporated a business, it is mandatory in every Province and Territory to provide or gain documented support that the business name you have chosen is available. In Provinces such as British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, a search request is done with the Provincial government agents either before or as part of the incorporation process thru what is called a “name reservation”. This is a search requested by you and approved by the Province on the name selection for your business. In Provinces such as Ontario and Alberta, there is a third party document required called a NUANS report. This document provides 7 pages of similar named businesses, incorporations and trademarks to the proposed business name.


Federal Incorporation

Canadian Incorporation

When assessing incorporating in Canada, you have two options. One is to incorporate within the Province or Territory the business will operate within and the other option is to incorporate a Canada or Federal Incorporation.

Incorporating a Canada or Federal Incorporation

No matter which Province or Territory your business will operate within, there is the option to federally incorporate your business and bring that incorporation into whichever Province or Territory the business resides.