Read our articles before you cancel a business to ensure you are aware of all the implications. Properly cancelling a business can save you headaches down the road.

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Closing A Business

There may come a time when you decide to close your business for a variety of reasons, whether your business is no longer in operation or you are changing to an incorporated company. If you...
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Closing Your Business Due to Coronavirus

There is no doubt that times are tough and that no one could have predicted or prepared for what 2020 has brought. Businesses worldwide have felt the stinging effects of the economic downturn left...
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Cancelling a Master Business Licence

There are a number of different reasons why a business owner may choose to cancel their current Master Business Licence, including if they are choosing to incorporate their business, operate under a different name,...
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How Do I Cancel My Business?

If you are no longer operating your business, it is important to finalize the end of the business operation by either cancelling your Sole Proprietorship, General Partnership, Tradename or Incorporation with the Province. Until...
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Should I cancel my business?

We often receive phone calls from clients on whether they should cancel their Master Business Licence or Incorporated company if the business is no longer active. We recommend you do for a variety of reasons. Public...
Difference Between Cancel And Dissolution

What’s the Difference Between Cancellation And Dissolution?

Business owners may choose close their businesses for a variety of reasons. Changes in the marketplace, new business opportunities, and other factors cause business owners to choose to cancel and dissolve their companies. You might...
Tips For Dissolving Your Business

How To Dissolve Your Corporation

Dissolving your corporation requires you to consider many factors. There are basic steps that you should take in order to achieve a successful dissolution of your business while avoiding common pitfalls. Corporations dissolve for many...
Closing Your Business The Smart Way

How To Wind Up Your Business

There are several reasons you might choose to close your business. The market might not be quite right for your venture, or you might have decided to move on to a new and exciting...
Dissolving An Ontario Corporation

How To Dissolve An Ontario Corporation

In order to end the existence of a corporation in Ontario, it needs to be dissolved. Dissolution occurs when a corporation is terminated legally. To achieve dissolution, a Certificate of Dissolution needs to be...
Dissolving A Federal Corporation

How To Dissolve A Federal Corporation

The act of ending the existence of a corporation is called dissolution. A Certificate of Dissolution will need to be issued by Corporations Canada. In order to legally dissolve a Federal corporation and receive...

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