DIY Incorporation of your business

How to incorporate in Ontario yourself

In Ontario, you have two ways to incorporate a business. You can either manually prepare and file Articles of Incorporation or you can use a third party portal to incorporate the business online or electronically.

Manually Filing Your Incorporation

To complete a manual incorporation in Ontario, you are required to have two copies of the prepared Articles of Incorporation Form 1 from the Province of Ontario. You may use the attached PDF form listed below:


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Ontario Limited Company

Limited Company is wording associated with incorporating a business and with incorporation comes limited liability where the individual owner is separate from the business and the risk of owning and operated the business.

One of the biggest considerations when starting a new business is to evaluate the risk or liability associated with the operation.


where to incorporate your business

Where to Incorporate?

The jurisdiction you incorporate within, is based on where your business will operate. If you operate your business in Alberta, you have two choices to either incorporate in the Province of Alberta or Incorporate a federal incorporation and register the physical address within the Province of Alberta. The same thing can be said for any Province or Territory in Canada. If your business is within Ontario, your options are to incorporate in Ontario or complete a federal incorporation and register the corporation within Ontario.