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Incorporate a Chiropodist/Podiatrist Professional Corporation in Ontario

Certificate of Authorization Each Professional Corporation registered under The College of Chiropodists of Ontario must obtain a Certificate of Authorization in order to Incorporate. In addition to obtaining this certificate, each professional corporation must abide...
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Incorporating as a Chartered Professional Accountant

Professional Incorporations is a specific designation in Ontario allowing professionals to incorporate their practice including Chartered Professional Accountants. As part of the Incorporation process, CPA’s are required to complete certain tasks by their governing...
questions about incorporation

Five Common Incorporation Questions

1. Should I Incorporate? Probably one of the most commonly asked questions from individuals looking to start a new business is whether or not they should incorporate. Every person is different, and of course, the...
business name protection

How to Protect My Business Name

There is a common misconception that when you register a business, the business name automatically has name protection. This is not true. If you register a Master Business Licence, Sole Proprietorship, General Partnership, Partnership...
DIY Incorporation of your business

How to incorporate in Ontario yourself

In Ontario, you have two ways to incorporate a business. You can either manually prepare and file Articles of Incorporation or you can use a third party portal to incorporate the business online or...
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Ontario Limited Company

Limited Company is wording associated with incorporating a business and with incorporation comes limited liability where the individual owner is separate from the business and the risk of owning and operated the business. One of...
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How to Incorporate in Saskatchewan

How exciting! If you are looking to Incorporate in Saskatchewan, the process is now easier than ever through Ontario Business Central. The information below will provide you with the details required to get your...
where to incorporate your business

Where to Incorporate?

The jurisdiction you incorporate within, is based on where your business will operate. If you operate your business in Alberta, you have two choices to either incorporate in the Province of Alberta or Incorporate...
Incorporation And Its Benefits

What Are The Benefits Of Incorporation?

Businesses who choose to incorporate acquire many benefits. Although there are a variety of business structures that you can choose from, understanding these benefits can help you decide if incorporation is right for you. Incorporating...

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