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small business funding

Small Business Funding Opportunities

Starting and growing a successful business takes a commitment of time, hard work and, in some cases, money. Although there are many business ideas that you can get started with very little or no...
buying an existing business

How to Buy an Existing Business

Buying an existing business may be a great opportunity  if your dream is to be an entrepreneur, but you want to avoid some of the risks that go along with starting a new business....
business startup

5 Bad Excuses For Not Starting A Business

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to own your own business? No more being told what to do. No more enduring tasks that you don’t consider worthwhile. No more putting in...
restaurant operating during covid 19

Restaurants Getting Back to Business: How restaurants are adapting to new Covid-19 measures

Adapting to new safety measures in a pandemic From fast food to fine dining, restaurants have always provided a place to gather with family and friends to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other milestones, or just...
safe office environment covid19 guidelines

How to Safely Return to an Office Environment Amid New Covid19 Guidelines

As business around the world begins to reopen, having a health and safety plan in place for returning to the workplace is crucial in order to provide the best protection for your employees, while...
how to set up google my business

How To Set Up Google My Business

When it comes to searching for information or finding answers to questions, the first words out of anyone’s mouth is generally ‘Have you Googled it?’ Google is almost always the first spot people go...
business models post coronavirus

4 Business Models To Experiment With Post-Coronavirus

Nobody is quite sure how the business world is going to look post-coronavirus. The removal of labor to protect lives has been a huge shock to the economic system, exposing just how fragile many...
social media planning during a crisis

Preparing a Social Media Plan For Your Business During a Crisis

Nearly everyone is experiencing an increased level of self isolation during these times, while we seek to flatten the curve and contain the spread of Covid19. With this increase in social distancing and many...
navigating covid19 small business guide

Navigating COVID-19 together: Your small business guide to surviving this crisis!

The world has rapidly changed over an incredibly short period of time, forcing individuals and businesses to quickly adapt to a new normal. As we all make adjustments and learn how to navigate through...
how to create a podcast

How to Create Your First Podcast

Since 2014, podcasts have doubled in growth giving businesses, not for profit organizations, hobbyists and others another useful tool to connect with clients, supporters and interested individuals on any given topic. In 2019, some of...

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