We offer several articles for strategies to follow when finding a business name. Check out our resources to help you with your NUANS search.
nuans preliminary name search

Why search a business name when registering a Master Business Licence?

If you are looking at registering a Sole Proprietorship, General Partnership or alternatively a Tradename under your existing corporation, it is important to search your proposed business name and these are the reasons why. Search...
benefits of NUANS presearch

The Benefits of Doing a NUANS Pre-Search

Before registering your new business, conducting a NUANS Pre-Search is a good first step. This search will look through the NUANS databank for existing businesses, corporations and trademarks across Canada, so you can see...
ordering-a NUANS report

Ordering a NUANS Report

Before you are able to create a corporation, a NUANS Report would need to be obtained. The NUANS report is a 7-page document that lists existing corporations, businesses and trademarks that appear to be...
choosing a business name

9 Tips for choosing a business name for your startup

One of the most creative but challenging things to do is to find the perfect name for your business.  Finding a great name can increase your opportunities for success when the business name resonates...
business name presearch

3 Reasons to Pre-Search Your Name Before Registering

You’ve decided that you’re ready to begin the registration process for your new business. But, before you commit to the business name, it’s a good idea to have a pre-search done in the NUANS...
steps to starting new business

What Steps Do I Need to Take to Start a New Business?

Last week, I sat down with a young guy who is about 25 years old who asked for a bit of my time over dinner to answer his questions about starting a business. When...
brainstorming business names

How Do I Come Up With a Great Name For My Business?

Finding a business name comes with its challenges but also provides the opportunity for creativity and fun. Overall, brainstorm to find a business name is unique, catchy and easily understood by potential customers. We...
business name protection

How to Protect My Business Name

There is a common misconception that when you register a business, the business name automatically has name protection. This is not true. If you register a Master Business Licence, Sole Proprietorship, General Partnership, Partnership...
search an existing business name

How can I search my business name against existing businesses?

If you incorporated a business, it is mandatory in every Province and Territory to provide or gain documented support that the business name you have chosen is available. In Provinces such as British Columbia,...
start a new business

How to Choose the Perfect Name For Your Business

Discover What Your Brand Represents Create Lists of Key Words That Describe Your Brand Put Your Words Together To Create A Unique Combination Research if your Domain Name is Available So, what should I call my business? If you...

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