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what is a federal annual return

What is a Federal Annual Return?

If you have an active Federal Corporation, filing an Annual Return each year is required by the Federal Government in order to update Corporations Canada of any changes, if any that may have occurred...
renew sole proprietorship ontario

How To Renew A Sole Proprietorship In Ontario

Every 5 years a Sole Proprietorship requires renewing. On your current Sole Proprietorship in the right hand bottom corner, you will see the expiry date of the registration. If the registration is not renewed...

What are Supplementary Letters Patent?

Supplementary Letters Patent are documents specific to making changes to an existing Not for Profit or Charitable corporation in Ontario. These are the reasons why individuals file Supplementary Letters Patent Change the corporate name of the...
Why You Should Register a Trade Name Under Your Existing Corporation

Why You Should Register a Trade Name Under Your Existing Corporation

If you have a corporation that is already in existence, but you are looking to operate under a different business name, you may wish to look at registering a Trade Name, also known as...
small business owners in shop

Renew Your Ontario Master Business Licence To Keep It Active

Many small business owners are completely unaware of the fact that their Master Business Licence expires  every 5 years. If the Master Business Licence is not renewed, the registration will automatically expire. The Master...
completing corporate filings

Keeping Your Ontario Corporate Filings Up-To-Date

Frequently, people don’t understand the importance of keeping business records updated with the most current information. It may even be that they are unaware that there is incorrect or outdated information on file for...
female business owner

Change Business Address

As a business owner, it’s important that you keep the information on file for your business up to date any time there’s a change. Any business address updates should be made within 15 days...
change name of canadian corporation

How to Change the Name of Your Corporation in Canada

There are instances where the original name of a corporation no longer accurately reflects the business as it currently exists. Perhaps new products or services have been added, or it could be that the...
changing business address

Changing Your Business Address In Ontario

There are different reasons why a business may need to move addresses throughout its time in operation. Perhaps you run a small business from home and are moving to a new home, you are...
sole proprietorship to incorporated company

Changing a Sole Proprietorship to an Incorporated Company

When a company begins growing, many business owners start wondering how they can switch their Sole Proprietorship into an Incorporated company. If you’re looking to incorporate, congratulations on expanding your business to the point...

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