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operating name ontario

Operating Name in Ontario

There are many variations to describe registering a business under an existing corporation including the following: Operating name DBA Doing business as Tradename O/A Operating as All of these variations point to the same form as a business registration or Master...
sole proprietorship business registration

Sole Proprietorship Business Registration in Ontario

A Sole Proprietorship allows one individual owner to operate a business in Ontario under the Business Names Act (Ontario).  If your business has a business name, the Sole Proprietorship is mandatory in the Province...
renew business licence ontario

Renew Business Licence in Ontario Online

A Business Licence under the Master Business Licence falls into 3 different categories of registration, Sole Proprietorship, General Partnership and Tradename under an existing corporation.  Any of the 3 forms of registration are valid...
start a small business in ontario

Start a Small Business in Ontario

If you want to start a small business in Ontario, registering a Master Business Licence is one option to set up your business. This option is ideal for those looking to start a small...
obtaining an ontario master business licence

Master Business Licence Registration in Ontario

If you are interested in starting a small business in Ontario, you may be interested in registering a Master Business Licence. This business licence allows you to operate your business in Ontario under the...
register a general partnership

Register Your General Partnership In Ontario

When you’re starting a business with at least two people, a General Partnership is one option for registering a new business. This type of Master Business Licence is specifically designed for those who wish...
small business owners in shop

Renew Your Ontario Master Business Licence To Keep It Active

Many small business owners are completely unaware of the fact that their Master Business Licence expires  every 5 years. If the Master Business Licence is not renewed, the registration will automatically expire. The Master...
tatoo artist business owner

How to Start a Tattoo Business

If you’re a highly creative and artistic person, tattooing may be something you’ve taken an interest in. It can be a beautiful art form and wonderful way to express your talents. Honing your skills...
organized new business owner

10 Steps to Starting a New Sole Proprietorship or General Partnership

Choosing which option to register Finding a business name Searching the business name for availability Information required to establish registration Tax Account set ups Business Plan Business Insurance Logos & Branding Banking Start Your Business Choosing which option to register Registering either a Sole Proprietorship...
Toronto businesswoman

How to register a company in Toronto

If you are looking at registering a Master Business for a business in Toronto, there are two options available to you to do this. Online Registration From the convenience of your home or office, you can...

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