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Branding your business name or idea is so important and often people do not think of this as an intrinsic element to a business success or failure. I have been assisting individuals to start their businesses for over 25 years, and I have seen my share of amazing, catchy, unique business names but most, unfortunately, offer nothing to make the business stand out in the marketplace.

Let’s start with a few examples of what I am referring to. A business name such as AB Enterprises. What does this business name tell you about the business? In short, absolutely nothing. What does AB stand for when a new potential customer views these two letters for business name, nothing. Perhaps it is the first initial of your first and last name or maybe you have 2 children and it’s the first initials of each of their personal names but from an outside view, customers have no tangible idea of what this stands for outside of two letters of the alphabet. The next word Enterprises. What does this say to the marketplace, maybe you are involved with a number of things, that your business is a jack of all trades, at most it says that you are a business but nothing more.

Now, let’s look at a more unique name and see what you think of the difference. How about Paws Palace?  What does this business name say to the marketplace? Firstly, it defines with the word “paws” that the business is related to pets and palace states that it’s a large, fancy place for pets to be taken. If a third word is adding spa, it gives exactly what the business is offering. There is no guessing on part of the consumer to know what this business service is and if there would be interest for them.

Let’s take a step further by choosing a single word that is unique, is easy to pronounce and offers uniqueness to the marketplace. Often the word is made up or coined but can be used to set you aside from others. Examples may be Xtalic, Farn, or Beydar. These are not words within the English language but are letters put together to make a new word or brand exclusive to you and your business.

Think about what some of the leaders in business have done when it comes to choosing business names and branding. When you think of these words, they are words that are attached to a specific brand.

ZIPPO  – This is a made up word but can you think of this word without thinking of lighters

KODAK  – Another made up word that stands uniquely in photography and cameras

SAMSUNG  – Stands out in the marketplace for electronics especially cell phones

These words are unique but each of these businesses added wording to complete their business names but focused on pushing their brand through the first business word. As an example Zippo. Their legal business name is Zippo Manufacturing Company.

Would these 3 examples of businesses have been as successful if the business owners had called their businesses something as generic as AB Enterprises?

It doesn’t matter what industry you look at, there are businesses that stand out within that industry and so often, it starts and continues with the choice of a business name and branding.

It doesn’t matter how small your business is, think big!!

Choose a business name and brand that is unique, catchy, and gives you the endless opportunity of advancing your business name and brand to the world. Let Ontario Business Central help you!


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