How to change the name of a corporation in Canada

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If you have an existing Federal or Canada corporation and have decided to change the name of the corporation, the process to do this is fairly simple to complete.

What do I need to do to change the name of my corporation?

When you originally incorporated your company, you completed the Articles of Incorporation to do so. Now that you wish to change the name of your corporation, a secondary filing is required called the Articles of Amendment. This legal document allows you to change the existing name of your corporation to a new business name.

You have three options

  • Change the name of the corporation to a numbered corporation
  • Change the name of the corporation to a new name for the corporation
  • Change from a numbered corporation to a named corporation

How do I change to the numbered company?

If you currently have a named corporation and want to change to a numbered company a document filing is required with Industry Canada, this filing can be completed electronically.

On the first page of your current Articles of Incorporation, you will see in the middle of the page a corporate number associated with your existing corporation. This is your corporate number and it has already been generated when you originally incorporated. To choose a numbered company, all you need is your corporate number, jurisdiction (Canada) and the legal ending you would like to use for the corporate change. You may keep the same legal ending as you had with the original named corporation or if you wish you may choose an alternative eg. Inc./Incorporated/Ltd./Limited, Corp. or Corporation.

Example: 123456 Canada Ltd.

If you can’t find your existing number associated with your corporation, don’t worry, we can provide that number to you as part of the processing of the amendment.

To complete the processing of changing the corporate name to your numbered corporation the following is required:

  • The electronic filing of the Articles of Amendment
  • A current director’s name and address

If you are changing to a new named corporation, a Federal biased NUANS report is required to show any conflicting business names to the proposed new name of your corporation. The above noted information is applicable as well.

If you would like us to complete the processing of changing your corporate name, here is the link to complete the amending of your corporate name.

Amend Your Corporate Name

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