Change the Name of Your Ontario Corporation

ontario corporation name change

As time passes, and your Corporation grows, you may find that there becomes the need to change the Corporation name. This could happen for any number of reasons, including if you’re changing your business activity, adding new products or services, or for any other reason why the business name no longer accurately reflects the company. Regardless of why you’re looking to change your corporation name, the process is relatively simple, and we can help complete this change.

What do I need to do to change the name of my corporation?

Articles of Incorporation are completed for every single corporation when it is registered in Ontario. If you’re looking to change what you had initially filed in your Articles, you need to complete a secondary filing called Articles of Amendment. This filing lets you change the current name of your corporation to the new name you want.

You have three different options in terms of changes you can make to the name of your corporation:

  • Change the name of the corporation to a numbered corporation
  • Change the name of the corporation to a new name for the corporation
  • Change from a numbered corporation to a named corporation

How do I change to a numbered company?

If you currently have a named corporation registered and are looking to have the name changed to a number, Articles of Amendment need to be filed with the Province of Ontario. Currently, there is no electronic filing available for this, so it must be done manually.

In order to complete this amendment, you will need your corporate number, which can be found on the first page of your Articles of Incorporation or, if you’re unable to find it, we can provide it to you in the processing of your amendment. You will also need to choose the legal ending you want your numbered company to have from the following:

  • Inc.
  • Incorporated
  • Ltd.
  • Limited
  • Corp.
  • Corporation

In order to change your named corporation to a numbered one, you will need:

  • Articles of Amendment filled in, in duplicate, as well as all of the
  • Current director’s original signatures.
  • These documents are filed with the Province and stamped on their date of filing.

How do I change the name of my corporation to a new name or change my numbered company to a named one?

To change the name of your corporation or switch from a numbered to a named company, you’ll first need to complete an Ontario biased Nuans report. Because corporations have name protection, it’s necessary to ensure that there are no conflicting business names before you register. After this report is done, you’ll have to follow the same steps as outlined above for filing.

Change Your Ontario Corporation Name

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