How to Incorporate in Manitoba

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If you have been interested in incorporating in Manitoba, Ontario Business Central offers assistance through this process. The details below provide a general overview of what is required and common questions asked when incorporating. Incorporating in Manitoba offers the availability to submit the Name Reservation and Articles of Incorporation online, however upon completion; the documentation is sent out by mail.

What is required to incorporate in Manitoba?

  • A minimum of one person can incorporate in Manitoba
  • 25% of the directors must be either Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents
  • You can choose either a numbered or named company
  • If choosing named, a Name Reservation is required
  • Named incorporations may include English, French or a combination of both
  • A physical address in Manitoba is required for the corporate address
  • Each director is required to have a physical address

What is a Name Reservation?

Any new business starting, incorporation or small business is required to complete a Name Reservation by the Province of Manitoba Companies Branch. You are required to provide a single name for the business, where the name derived from, where within the Province the business will operate and a brief description of business activity.

Should I include a Nuans preliminary name search?

As the Name Reservation report is obtained through the Province of Manitoba, the business name conflicts may be limited to the Province of Manitoba. The Nuans system, offers a wider view of businesses, corporations and trademarks throughout most of Canada. This additional search allows a more in-depth examination of potential conflicts to your business name. If you select the optional pre-search, it is completed prior to submission of the Name Reservation with the Manitoba Government. If conflicts appear, it may be recommended to search a new name at no additional cost.

How to choose a business name?

When selecting a business name, there are three main elements. Each name usually includes a distinctive, descriptive and legal element. In order to gain name approval, it is recommended to provide all 3 elements. See examples below.

Distinctive Descriptive Legal Element
Jan’s IT Solutions Ltd.
Aloha Hair Services Inc.


Bilingual business name
Within the Name Reservation, if you are selecting a bilingual name in both English and French where the translation is an exact or similar name, you may not be required to complete a secondary Name Reservation.



What is a numbered Incorporation?

In Manitoba, the government provides the option to incorporate a numbered corporation. The incorporation number is provided by the Province. You have the option to select your legal ending. No name reservation is required for this.

123456 Manitoba Inc.

What if I want to use numbers within my Incorporation name?

As long as you are not using a name that could be confused with a numbered incorporation, a number can be used as a part of the business name.

110 Entertainers Ltd.
DEF Investments (2017) Inc.

What address do I list for the incorporation?

The address of the incorporation must be in the Province of Manitoba. This must be a physical location that someone can walk up to. It is recommended to use an address where directors are available.

Who are directors of the Incorporation?

The directors are the administrators of the incorporation and make all the major decisions for the corporation. The director(s) of the incorporation must be at least 18 years of age, either not bankrupt or fully discharged from a bankruptcy, be an individual (a corporation cannot be a director) and 25% of the directors must be Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident.

Who are shareholders of the corporation?

Shareholders are individual(s) holding shares within the incorporation. They may be owners of the incorporation, family members or investors who participate within the company. Shareholders usually have a financial stake in the corporation and the shares reflect at what percentage. At least one shareholder is required for the incorporation.

Who are officers of the corporation?

The officers are individual(s) holding senior management positions within the corporation. The three most common positions are president, secretary, and treasurer. Commonly companies are incorporated by a single person who acts as the sole director, shareholder and officer.

How to choose the share structure for the corporation?

The share structure is an overall view of how the shares are going to be distributed amongst the shareholders. The Province of Manitoba provides a simple one class structure as a template. If you wish you can use this template or you can also provide your own structure. Within a corporation, the shares provide the ownership to the Corporation.

How to add a business “operating as” name under your Corporation?

What is an operating as name?

An ‘operating as’ name is a secondary business name that the Incorporation can use. See examples below of common uses for an ‘operating as’ name:

1. Same name as the Corporation, just without the legal ending for advertising or signs.

Example: Extreme IT Services Inc. carrying on as Extreme IT
Example: Extreme IT Services Inc. carrying on as Extreme IT Services

2. Completely different name from the Corporation.

Example: Sashu Restaurant Corp. carrying on as Sashu Catering
Example: Sashu Restaurant Corp. carrying on as Amy’s Cafe

In Manitoba, a name reservation is also required to register an “operating as” business name.

Manitoba Government fees

Fees to Incorporate $350
Name Approval $65
Rush fee for 24 hour name approval $130
Fees for Business Name $60
Name approval $65
Rush fee for 24 hour name approval $130


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