Incorporating Your Business in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Incorporation

If you are ready to create your Saskatchewan Incorporation, getting the documents completed and filed has never been faster or easier with the help of Ontario Business Central. Complete your order online within minutes and the expert staff at Ontario Business Central will take care of the rest, so you can begin focusing on other areas of your new business.

Choosing a Named or Numbered Saskatchewan Incorporation

Depending on whether you choose to create a named or numbered corporation, there is a slightly different process involved.

Named Saskatchewan Incorporation

A named Saskatchewan corporation will have name protection within the Province, so it is first required that a name reservation request be submitted for the Ministry’s review and approval. This means that, once you’re incorporated in Saskatchewan, no other business within the Province can use the same corporate name.

Naming Your Saskatchewan Incorporation

There are three main elements you will want to include in the name of your Saskatchewan incorporation: Distinctive, Descriptive and a Legal Ending.

  • Distinctive – This part of the business name is generally the primary keyword and is used to differentiate the business from others.
    Ex: Precision, Samantha’s, or Route 23.
  • Descriptive – This component of the business name describes the service or industry the business is involved in.
    Ex: Mechanic, House Painting, or Restaurant.
  • Legal Ending – Corporations must have a legal ending as a part of their name. All legal endings have the same meaning, so you can choose depending on what you prefer.
    Ex: Limited, Limitee, Ltee, Ltd., Corp., Corporation, Inc., Incorporated, Incorporee

Take some time in choosing your business name in order to come up with a great name that properly reflects the uniqueness of your business and accurately lets customers know what services and products you provide.

Searching and Reserving a Name

For a named Saskatchewan incorporation, it’s mandatory to have a name availability search and reservation completed before you are able to incorporate. You are able to submit one business name at a time for review by the Province of Saskatchewan. If it is approved, you are then able to incorporate using this name. However, if it is rejected, you would need to submit a new business name for review.

It can sometimes take several days to get a name request back from the Province of Saskatchewan, so having the name rejected could lead to delays in creating the corporation. Prior to submitting the name request, Ontario Business Central can assist with pre-searching the NUANS databank for any existing businesses, corporations or Trademarks across Canada that may conflict with the name being submitting. This search can help cut down on the turnaround time for incorporating by helping to avoid name rejection.

You can either include the pre-search with your Saskatchewan Incorporation or complete the search separately. If you wish to do the search separately, click on the link below:



If you have chosen to create a numbered Saskatchewan incorporation, a number is automatically issued by the Province upon incorporating which becomes a part of the corporate name. For example, 123456 Saskatchewan Inc. You will need to provide which legal ending you wish to use for your numbered corporation, you may choose from the following options: Limited, Limitee, Ltd., Incorporated, Incorporee, Corp., Corporation or Corp.

Choosing Directors and Officers for your Corporation

When it comes to selecting who will be listed as a director or officer of your Saskatchewan incorporation, there are several requirements that must be met:

A minimum 25% of directors must be Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents
Directors do not need to have a physical address in Saskatchewan, but must list a physical address
Any director must be at least 18 years of age
Directors cannot be considered incapable of managing their own affairs by a court
There cannot be a status of an undischarged bankruptcy for any director
There cannot be any prior offences related to a corporation or offences involving fraud

Filing Your Annual Return

All Saskatchewan Incorporations are required to submit Annual Returns within 30 days of the incorporation’s anniversary month. Late submissions would be subject to additional fees and those Annual Returns not received within two months of being due would result in the corporation being struck.

If you wish to file your Annual Return, call us directly to obtain a quote today!


Adding a Business Registration Under Your Saskatchewan Incorporation

Creating a Business Registration under your existing corporation allows you to operate business under a different name other than your full corporate name. There are a number of reasons why you may choose to add a business registration under your corporation:

  • Operate business without a legal ending
    Example: Fairytale Publishing Ltd. carrying on business as Fairytale Publishing
  • Use a shorter version of your full corporate name for signage, payments for clients, etc.
    Example: Smith’s Heating and Cooling Repair & Maintenance Inc. carrying on business as Smith’s HVAC Services
  • Use a business name rather than the numbered corporation name
    Example: 123456 Saskatchewan Inc. carrying on business as Ray’s Plumbing
  • Operate another business that offers different services than the corporation
    Example: Happy Dogs Training School Inc. operating as Premier Dog Grooming

Name Approval

Even with Business Registrations under a Saskatchewan incorporation, you must go through the name approval process before the registration can be completed.

How Fast Can I Get Incorporated in Saskatchewan?

Ontario Business Central offers two time-frame options for Saskatchewan incorporations, either 3 days or 1 day rush. However, when a name reservation is required, the incorporation process cannot begin until the Ministry has reviewed and approved the name request.

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