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Get Your Business Started - You’ve Got This!

Get Your Business Started – You’ve Got This!

You’ve got a great business idea, but you’re hesitant to take action. It could be nerves, fear of failing or simply not knowing where to...
choosing a business name

9 Hot tips for Choosing a Business Name For Your Startup

One of the most creative but challenging things to do is to find the perfect name for your business.  Finding a great name can increase...
small business owners in shop

Renew Your Ontario Master Business Licence To Keep It Active

Many small business owners are completely unaware of the fact that their Master Business Licence expires  every 5 years. If the Master Business Licence is...
landscaping business

5 Easy Steps to Start Your Own Landscape Business

No matter what the season, there’s always a need for landscaping and exterior maintenance for both residential and commercial clients. From lawn maintenance to snow...
new business owner tips

Tips For New Business Owners That You May Not Know

When you’re opening your new business, chances are you’re going to get all sorts of advice from those around you. You’ll likely hear the same...
business woman with ipad

How to Get A Certificate Of Status

There are several instances where you may need to obtain a Certificate of Status for your corporation. This one-page document serves as confirmation that the...
Canadian Flag - Incorporating in Canada

How to Incorporate a Federal Incorporation

You can complete either a profit or not for profit incorporation with the Federal government. With a profit business, the business name can either be...
completing corporate filings

Keeping Your Ontario Corporate Filings Up-To-Date

Frequently, people don’t understand the importance of keeping business records updated with the most current information. It may even be that they are unaware that...