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new business tips

Tips for starting a business

If you have decided to start a business, congratulations on taking steps to put your future in your hands. There are a number of things...
brand strategy

Brand – Think Big!!

Branding your business name or idea is so important and often people do not think of this as an intrinsic element to a business success...
blogging for your business

Does Your Small Business Need a Blog?

Getting a new business off the ground takes an enormous amount of work, from registering the business, finding a location, hiring staff and promoting. It...
making business decisions

Do You Need to Incorporate a Business?

There is no quick answer to whether you need to incorporate a business. In this article, let’s talk about why people in general lean towards...
Start Your Business Now

How to incorporate in British Columbia

British Columbia is one of the only jurisdictions in Canada offering the availability to Non-Residents of Canada to incorporate as a sole director, officer and...
when career and passion unite

The Psychology of an Entrepreneur

Last week, I had a meeting with a woman who had been an employee to a social media company we have used for many years...
should I apply for gst?

Should I Apply For HST?

Congratulations, you have either started a new business or are planning on doing so. Now, you are wondering if you should apply for HST with...
where to incorporate your business

Where to Incorporate?

The jurisdiction you incorporate within, is based on where your business will operate. If you operate your business in Alberta, you have two choices to...