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corporate changes

Can the Articles of Incorporation in Ontario be changed?

One of the most important items provided with incorporating a business and having Articles of Incorporation is that any and all of the information provided within the original incorporation can be changed...
Remove or Add a Business Partner

What You Need To Know About Removing Or Adding A Business Partner

Changes in business structure are expected in today’s marketplace. In some cases, a company may add or remove a business partner. This requires a few...
Construction Business Tips

5 Tips For Starting A Construction Business

The construction industry has seen an increased amount of growth all over the world. As the global economy continues to improve, there’s a greater need...
Tips for when your franchise agreement ends

What To Do When Your Franchise Agreement Ends

Those considering starting a business often look to franchising as a possibility. Generally, franchises have an established brand and marketing plan. However, despite many benefits...
How To Choose A Business Name

What You Need To Know About Choosing A Business Name

Choosing a name is an important step when creating a successful business. Your business name is fundamental to your branding strategy and ability to convey...
Closing Your Business The Smart Way

How To Wind Up Your Business

There are several reasons you might choose to close your business. The market might not be quite right for your venture, or you might have...
Books About Branding

4 Great Books About Branding For A New Business

Your brand conveys a message about your business beyond products and services. It should incite an emotional response and provide an all-encompassing experience for the...
alcohol bottles

A Drunken Haze: The Problem with Mixing Booze and Pot

The Canadian government is trying to prepare the country for when it legalizes marijuana. While a regulatory framework is still in progress, the distribution of...